OMG ADA has gone Parabolic, & into Full Fomo mode - Damp eeet! 🐷

EE9AD20DC3F141E98B3377F581BC4332.png Making Bubbles with Peppa Pig 🐷!

No ADA is not the new Bitcoin!

ADA is nothing like Bitcoin, the two are not even in direct competition. Time to sell the spikes on ADA!

1BD271E5750C488FAA17E1D4AECB915A.jpeg *Still says it’s worth ZERO Bitcoin, delusions of grandeur! Sell your ADA to the King Bitcoin haha πŸ˜‚

The NEW ADA Bubble!


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Comments 3

I could over the world in this ADA ballooooon!
I'm placing a $500 PUT/SHORT with 10X on ADA @ $1.50

27.02.2021 20:05

Sweet man, great work! Good luck too!

02.03.2021 06:44

I made 300% profit in less then 7 days :)

05.03.2021 14:36