How To Get Access To The Twetch Private Beta Sign [A Decentralized Social Network]

Twetch is a decentralized social network but with data privacy control in your hand along with opportunities to earn money for all of your content. No censorship, no content deletion, whatever you post exist forever on the blockchain. Currently, it is operating through a private beta registration process, soon it will launch publicly.

Here is how to create an account during the private beta operation.

Step 1.1

First, you should have a "Money Button" account. It's a paymail ID simply allows you to send, receive or make payments in $BSV (BitcoinCashSV). It allows near-instant transactions with less than a cent tx cost.

Step 1.2

Visit homepage and put your best email in the box. You can see the below screenshot for reference. Now click on the signup button.

Step 1.3


Upon click on that button, you'll see a thank you message. Just below that line, you'll see "share this" link. Click on it and tweet the pre-written text.

Step 2.1

I'm sure you already have a Twitter account. Go follow Twetch on Twitter.

Step 2.2

Send them a DM (direct message). Include your money button ID in the text. It should be like
You can copy-paste this text and use it in DM; "Hi, I'm willing to try Twetch platform, kindly give me access. Here is my moneybutton ID -"

Replace the xxxxx with your moneybutton id.

Congratulations, you are now on the waitlist, you'll get access as soon as possible. Hopefully within the 48 hours.

Once you are there, don't forget to follow me :)

In my next post, I'll cover the Handcash app, til then happy twetching!

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Comments 5

When I register, it said that the wallet was optional. So, I submitted my email to them. I'm currently waiting now.

28.01.2020 10:37

DM on their Twitter, you'll get access quicker.

28.01.2020 10:40

good idea

28.01.2020 19:03

I just joined Twetch - nice tutorial. I tried to give you some sort of vote for your work, but the post is nearly 20 days old. I will follow you because I also liked your DMme post - the app works really well. Just what I was looking for.

Catch me on Twetch :


15.02.2020 13:58

I'm glad you liked it. I'll follow you here and Twetch too. I appreciate you tried voting. Thanks

15.02.2020 19:46