SwapHub ecosystem earns all Uniswap LP tokens


Uniswap allows liquidity service providers to receive trading commissions from liquidity funds if they actively provide liquidity. If you remove your assets from the pool, you'll not be ready to get passive income. additionally, albeit you provide liquidity within the first days Uniswap becomes popular et al. become liquid, your income will decrease.

At SwapHub, you'll get prizes within the sort of HUB tokens by providing pool liquidity. albeit you stop participating in liquidity, you'll still hold HUB tokens and receive some of the SwapHub protocol payments. By contributing early for liquidity support, you'll become a serious contributor to the protocol.
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Liquidity provider incentives
Perhaps the foremost interesting thing for several is, “Why would many of us want to offer Liquidity to SwapHub, not Uniswap?”
Uniswap allows liquidity providers to receive trading fees from the liquidity pool only they're actively providing liquidity. If you remove the asset from the pool, you'll not be ready to receive passive income. Moreover, albeit you provide liquidity within the youth, as Uniswap becomes more popular, et al. become providing liquidity, then your income will diminish.
At SwapHub, you'll get rewards for the shape of HUB tokens by providing liquidity to the pool. albeit you do not participate within the liquidity providing, you'll still be entitled to some of SwapHub’s protocol fees by holding a HUB token. As an early participant in supporting liquidity, you become a key stakeholder within the protocol.

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Token distribution:
A token distribution mechanism that permits liquidity providers to simply migrate to SwapHub.
• Rewards Distribution: SwapHub will win 0.3 percent trading fees, 0.25% trading fees are going to be sent to token providers, and 0.05% is converted to HUB and distributed to HUB token holders
• Ensuring project sustainability: 5% of all HUB tokens supply is reserved for developers at SwapHub
• The Liquidity Migration: SwapHub are going to be migrating all liquidity tokens registered on the SwapHub contract, 5 weeks / first 200,000 blocks since the protocol started.
• Protocol Usage: SwapHub uses an equivalent interface because of the Uniswap platform. So, if the user's current protocol is compatible with Uniswap, it is easy to integrate with SwapHub.
• Security Audit: SwapHub puts user security first by modifying Sushi Swap contracts.
The first available pools are as follows: CeFi Stable Coins: USDT-ETH, USDC-ETH Defi Stable Coin: DAI-ETH, SUSHI-ETH, sUSD-ETH Delicacy (2× reward): HUB-ETH

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