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Introducing COFFEEA Token

It's really simple to send someone a COFFEEA token - but you must have at least five of your own before you can. When you send someone a COFFEEA token - it does not come from your own holding, it is out of my central holding.So you can give without loosing out, however you are limited to giving per day - so if you only have 5 COFFEEA you can only give 1 COFFEEA a day, 10 and you give 2 and so on.
So if you are replying to a post or comment and what to reward the person that created it, anywhere in your reply type !COFFEEA and you will send them one token, there will be a comment created confirming the token has been sent - and the comment that issued the token will get a 5% upvote from the token account.

Screenshot 2019-07-19 at 23.25.40.png

If you are holding enough COFFEEA tokens then you can send more then the default 1, for example !COFFEEA 3 will send 3 tokens providing you are holding more then 3 yourself.

The configuration settings will change over time, when they do I will make sure updates are posted.

You need COFFEEA to send COFFEEA - if you do not have any just ask and I will send you some to start off with.

To give COFFEEA just type !COFFEEA in a reply. It must be uppercase letters.

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