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COFFEEA Token usage and current status

COFFEEA Token is accessible through you can view the tokens you hold through this website, and also send or trade them. By making use of @holger80 Distribubot the token can be given as a reward when replying to any post or Comment. Usage is

This will send 1 token to someone

This will send 5 tokens to someone

You can send a maximum of 15 tokens in any one comment, you can not send tokens to yourself - so if you reply to your own post or comment you will get a failure reply.

When you give !COFFEEA tokens they do not come from your own holding, they are sent from this token account.

The ability to send tokens is limited by your token holding, you need 5 tokens in your wallet to send 1 token to someone. If you have 10 tokens you can send 2 etc.

Screenshot 2019-07-19 at 23.25.40.png

If you are able to send the tokens, you will get a success comment including the account the tokens were sent to.

Screenshot 2019-07-21 at 22.13.45.png

If you have insufficient tokens in your wallet to send COFFEEA a failure comment will be raised.

These tokens have been developed as a reward for good posts or comments, so to gain them the simplest way is to leave comments on the posts of token holders. The holding will spread over time, but at the start you can work around the token creators @c0ff33a blog, and also Influencers who have enough holding in the token to give it our freely. Currently these are @saffisara , Witness @enginewitty and my own Witness partner @derangedvisions - if you are actively commenting on their posts I am sure you will receive some tokens back.

Screenshot 2019-07-21 at 22.39.43.png

As a token only a few days old it has an impressive amount of transfer, I hope in future people will embrace giving a !COFFEEA when they enjoy a post or comment.

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