Uma Chit Fund is limited savings account finance pop group which manages, conducts, or supervises as foreman, agent, or in any other capacity. Uma Chit Fund private LTD is an online-based document funeral bash registered under the sort materials Act,1982. Uma Chit Fund is an expectations story of Rotating ease and grabs Associations institute across the globe. It serves the country with one-sided selling to banking facilities and gives them modifications to savings and borrowing schemes. It is a non-government gang handled by concealed entities located in Maharashtra, India. The platform is enabled with smart contracts and renders on offer countless bonus bigwig in the nucleus of with high-level encryption, reality apology, and beyond pronounce against transparency. Chit Fund is beneficial for not in words of one syllable large-scale industries but added to peewee industries that can carry out with efficient cooperation to blow up their business.



Nearby would be manifold tab rounds unconstrained every month with the unstable time period(maturity time), Chit amount, etc.

In each round, The following activity would occur:
Round 1: Fixed deposit into the Funds smart
Round 2: Application of prior sanction letter
Round 3: Formation of the Chit group
Round 4: Certificate of Commencement
Round 5: Chit auction
Round 6: Payment disbursal to the winner of the Chit round
Round 7: Distribution of dividends among the Chit holder



Chit Fund is a fixed capital of savings and borrowing in which members or subscribers acquiesce to supply a preset sum of funds for a set duration of time. The aggregate quantity collected(by the foreman) is subsequently auctioned and prearranged out as prize funds to the affiliate or subscriber in need. subsequently, this allows the members to keep an element of Their salary for the era while needed. bill source takes part in gained an immense consequence in the monetary manufacturing for the reason that of the buck awareness rates. assist or other fiscal obtain charges an enormous quantity of interest.



  1. Rohan Kotkar-CEO | Founder | Treder/Blockchain consultant
  2. Ronak Surana- COO | Content manager

Uma Chit Fund token(UCF) is an ERC-20 obedient gesture issued on the Ethereum platform. It is a function symbolic on the Uma Chit Fund platform.


Token details:
Total amount: 1,000,000,000
Private sale soft cap: $ 50,000
Private sale hard cap: $ 1,00,000
Public sale soft cap: $ 2,00,000
Public sale hard cap: $ 4,00,000
Token price: $ 0.1(equivalent in USDT,BTC, & ETH)

Token distribution

  • Team: 30%
  • Private sale: 10%
  • Public sale: 30%
  • Reserved: 27%
  • Bounty and Marketing: 3%


2019: Concept formation
2019: Whitepaper creation starting
August 2020: Website launch
2021: White paper finalized
April 2021: commencement of private sale round
December 2021: MVP released & marketing campaign
January 2022: commencement of the public sale and product testing
April 2022: Final product release


We strive to present the general future addict boundary to the users of the tab group. each user would give a factual time to renew re their check purchase, forthcoming or pending EMI's, definite repayment in the found of dividends, borrowers restrict for all month.


Blockchain innovation has been productively viable to many stages around the world, principally on stages like contest and AR, blockchain innovation has scores of capacities that have emotional impact the stage to piece of work leading compared to customary innovation. Also, pUma Chit Fund is at this end as a platform that will covenant the most blockchain initiate answers for the virtual orb afterward on. The Uma Chit Funds gives security, elite, cross-chain, and is appropriate for tackling out of the commonplace issues in the improvement of the virtual world. With the Solutions obtainable by Uma Chit Fund, designers and clients jelly induce a blockchain fabrication for the virtual globe with an overweight sum preferable haven and execution over common innovation.

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