How to Compensate my CO2 Footprint - A Step by Step Guide


@co2fund is the COCO accounting CO2Fund on Steem blockchain. To offset some of your CO2 footprint just buy some COCO and transfer them to @co2fund. All by @co2fund collected COCO will be used to support CO2 compensation projects.

What to do - Step by Step


  1. Go to
  2. Login with your steem account name und your private posting key.
  3. Deposit the necessary amount you need to buy COCO on steem engine.
  4. Then you have two options:
    (a) Go to TOKENS and search for CO2 Compensation Coin (Symbol: COCO)
    (b) Go directly to
  5. Buy some COCOs
  6. Transfer the COCOs who are intended for the compensation of your CO2 footprint to @co2fund

That’s it.

How much money should I invest for compensation?

  • There is no rule. Every contribution is better than non.
  • Maybe you like to read my post "My 5 Cent a Day".
  • The compensation of 1mt of CO2 usually is calculated between 20 and 35 USD or EUR. Finally all the calculation depends on the success, applicability and efficiency of the supported compensation projects.

Good to know

  • About 1t (metric ton) CO2 is emitted by a small conventionally car during 10’000 km (about 6200 miles) or a one way medium-haul flight.
  • To all HODLers... just holding COCO is also a valuable contribution to the CO2Fund as it gives COCO an increasing value in this way.
  • The number of currently hold CO2 Compensation Coins to support compensation projects you can see in CO2Fund's wallet.
  • Nomination of Compensation Projects
  • White Paper
Further information


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Damn. I love this so much, this is awesome! :D
You will be put on auto-vote from @worldhelper :D

12.08.2019 08:57

Thank you for the vote and for your interest in the project @cwow2

08.09.2019 02:06

Good work, I likes.

12.08.2019 16:38

Thank you @anwars... @retinox

08.09.2019 02:04

This seems like a great token idea! HODLing.

17.08.2019 21:32

I hope so... in fact it's our all project too.

08.09.2019 02:05

Are there any updates to this project? Chosen any carbon sink projects yet? Did you only want blockchain-based projects?

01.09.2019 16:20

Hello @phoenixwren
Thank you for your interest in the project.
News will follow in some days. Still a bit of work left... It's panned to connect the 'real world' with blockchain. Stay tuned 😉

08.09.2019 02:03