CO2Fund’s Off-Blockchain Website:


In addition to @co2fund’s blog our CO2 Compensation project has it’s own website now:

The website is hosted in Switzerland 🇨🇭and will grow step by step.

It’s top-level domain .cc is the internet country code and top-level domain for Cocos Islands that fits very wewell to our CO2</su Compensation Coins’ s symbol inll our website for cosmopolitan compensators.

At the begininning providebasic information about the project with links to important websites and to posts from @co2fund on our steem blockchain.
Further on, for corporate activists who reduce their CO2 footprint by means of COCO on, offers window to be visible and a first contact point they can refer to.

Stay tuntuned...

Further information


CO2Fund is a project by @retinox

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