Airdrop COCO - check if you are on the list

Hello everybody

COCO thumb.PNG

The airdrop of 1'050'000 COCO will follow the next days. Please have a look to

5166 active steem accounts are already listed here. So probably yours too.

If you are NOT on the list above👆 - and please only then - and want to be considered at the airdrop please go to document
and leave your account name there. An example you find in the first line.
Please double check the list after a minute because I don't know whether the handling will be always correct if more than one of you are writing the same table element at the same time.

Even if you put an account name to the list there is no warranty that it will be considered for this airdrop.
Please don't destroy the list and don't edit entries of other steemians. I hope it works.


More information about the CO2 Fund you can read here...

The CO2 Compensation Coin (Symbol: COCO) you can find on right here...

CO2Fund is a project by @retinox

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I have problems opening the document, will I be on that list? Who can inform me?..

Tengo problemas para abrir el documento, estaré yo en esa lista?, quien me puede informar?.

02.08.2019 15:50

The link works... maybe it takes a while... but you are on the list already.

02.08.2019 16:21

Hi, I'm very interested, can you tell me if I'm on the list? please my friend.

05.08.2019 00:18

have put your name to the list

07.08.2019 15:34

Thanks, glad to see my name is on the list.

05.08.2019 11:02

thanks, my name is included there, hope this project will be successful.

05.08.2019 19:56

thank you @calprut I continue working on it..

21.08.2019 21:13


Hello everybody
COCO Airdrop is currently being executed. Changes are not possible anymore.
Unfortunately I have overseen that there is a lack of RC to do the Airdrop in one step 😜 So it will continue the next days.

12.08.2019 10:26

Thanks for COCO!

12.08.2019 22:26

@martie7, you are welcome!

12.08.2019 23:53

Thank you so much

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13.08.2019 10:17

you are welcome @olivia08

21.08.2019 21:14

Yes I check it in SE, I have it and thank you again.

22.08.2019 04:04

I can't open the google docs to see ig I'm on the list. I don't know why.

I've tried a couple of times already but still it just keeps on loading like this

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13.08.2019 10:22

Hello @allerie00
Unfortunately you have not been on the list. The Airdrop was performed already when you have written this comment. Maybe I could come back to you since 1 issue of the airdrop could not performed - but I can't promise. We'll see...
Anyway - thank you for your interest in the project.

08.09.2019 02:18

Thanks for Air drops

25.08.2019 06:17

you're welcome @rabeel

08.09.2019 02:09

If you need an Airdrop Master List you can download, modify and work with to perform your own airdrop - you can find it here...

26.08.2019 20:42