CO2Fund Project - Progress Update

Application for a bank account through which companies can contribute to the CO2Fund

In Switzerland, there are usually quite favorable conditions concerning bank accounts for associations, but only rarely for accounts in Euros (EUR), which would be more comfortable to handle in our case. After a bank was found, about 10 day and a few inquiries later I was informed that - according to the bank’s internal guidelines - accounts can’t be offered for companies and organizations that have anything to do with CryptoCoins. As everybody knows, Switzerland want to be (and probably is) the Crypto-Valley of Europe. Well, not all banks seem to have heard of it and still are a bit conservative...
Anyway I'm sure to find a solution the next days since there are still some other banks around ;)

Thank you all for supporting our CO2Fund

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CO2Fund is a project by @retinox

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20.12.2019 18:05

Thank you @chrisaiki - I will have a closer look at it. @retinox

27.12.2019 14:06