Fridays for COCO - Value Post

Current number of COCO transferred to co2fund: 46995.3105 COCO

This equals currently 8.22 USD


List of activists on Steem

who have transferred COCO to @co2fund to compensate CO2

@ecoinstats 99.00000
@dylanhobalart 10000.00000
@gregan 4.20070
@fionasfavourites 200.00000
@ecoinstant 699.00000
@natha93 0.10000
@vincentnijman 100.00000
@artax89 204.20070
@wongshiying 50.00000
@thisisawesome 204.20070
@trayan 300.20070
@gidlark 204.20070
@anarcist69 204.20070
@pibara 1277.00630
@jsantana 30.00000
@cwow2 100.00000
@peekbit 13620.00000
@retinox 19699.00000

Delegators who support @co2fund

SP used to upvote activists you see above.


COCO is covered\ by the account value\*\ of @co2admin and @co2fund

  • co2fund on steem-engine\\*\: 0.46 US$
  • co2fund on steem: 2.69 US$
  • co2admin on steem-engine\\*\: 0.00 US$
  • co2admin on steem: 10.66 US$

\ see CO2Fund's White Paper
\\ Source: and
value of COCO excluded; Source:

Upvotes @co2fund receives for this post will increase the coverage of the CO2 Compensation Coin (Symbol: COCO)

⇒ more HODL of COCO by our Activists (Compensators)
⇒ a higher value of COCO
⇒ every upvote supports CO2 compensation projects too 👍🏼

Thank you all for supporting CO2Fund

Further information


CO2Fund is a project by @retinox

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Thanks to @chrisaiki

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5105.40 trees
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Plant trees with @treeplanter and get paid for it!
My Steem Power = 23894.43
Thanks a lot!
@martin.mikes coordinator of @kedjom-keku

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