[Discussion Post] Which markdown editor do you use, and what features do you look for?

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Hello everyone! This week I have decided to make the discussion prompt Steem related. My fellow Steem Greeter's and I are developing a system to teach new users. One of the achievements that we have is to demonstrate skill in markdown editing. I figured this week I would see which editors people are using to write their posts, and what features they like to see in an editor so that I can list out the different options in the achievement post. So...

Which markdown editor do you use, and what features do you look for?

In regards to the diary entry for yesterday, it is going to be late. Yesterday was a very important day, but the person in our group who has the pictures had a family emergency. I need to wait for them to get the pictures to me to write the entry.


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in perpetual search, although I need only a few functions:
1) preview;
2) a long list of active documents;
3) speed;
4) table editor;
5) under Linux;
6) beautiful non-white themes

While using 'Sublime Text'

20.06.2020 19:07

Operating on a desktop with a Windows 10 environment, I have experimented with a number of them, but haven't found any that I'm truly satisfied with.

To be honest, @steempeak was my favorite editor - by far - for posting to Steem, but since they are now hostile to Steem and have announced plans to leave at some unknown date, I mostly stopped using them, and I've been searching for a replacement.

For short posts, now, I generally just use the @steemit editor.

Editors that I've experimented with on the Windows Desktop include:

  • MarkPad - Abandoned because (i) No word count; and (ii) No simultaneous scroll of editor & preview panes.
  • Markdown Pad 2 - Abandoned because (i) Simultaneous scroll of editor & preview panes could not be disabled; Also, it had graphical problems with display of embedded YouTube videos.
  • MdCharm - This is the one I like best, and use most frequently for longer posts, but I'm not satisfied with it because (i) It doesn't include a word count; (ii) It's apparently not being maintained any more. I'm not even sure if it's still possible to find a malware free version on the Internet, since the developer's site is down now.
  • HarooPad - I downloaded this and experimented with it for a couple of days during May, but stopped using it. I don't remember why now. Maybe I'll have to try it out again. I do remember that it had a lot of customizable settings including a "vi mode" for UNIX/Linux fans.

I also recall that you were using dillinger.io as an online editor for a while, but I never used that personally. Just took a quick look, and it looks like it's probably as good as or better than just about any of the desktop options that I've tried.

To me, important generalized features include:

  • Side by side preview.
  • Display of word counts.
  • Ability to perform spell check.
  • Ability to scroll editor and preview pane in sync and independently.
  • Ability to display embedded photos and videos correctly.

For working with Steem, other nice features that I have seen include:

  • Ability to easily save multiple templates and use them to create new posts.
  • Ability to easily save drafts of multiple posts before publishing.
  • Ability to set beneficiaries easily
  • Ability to save beneficiaries in templates.
  • Ability to save category/tag list in a template.
  • Ability to save a generic post title in a template.
  • Ability to schedule a post from the editor.

Features that I haven't seen, but would be nice for Steem include:

  • In keeping with Steemit's recent look at charities, it would also be nice to have a pick list of available charity accounts who could be easily added as beneficiaries.
  • Ability to suggest beneficiary settings based on links/mentions in the post.

Good topic. I'm eager to see what other suggestions emerge.

20.06.2020 19:25

I liked Dillinger.io except for a few times that I lost posts because the browser crashed, and my work was not saved properly. I do remember that I liked MD Charm. I am currently just using the Steemit editor.

20.06.2020 21:58

i tried but i just go back to raw or put the code in VS Code.

21.06.2020 15:19

I tried but i just
Go back to raw or put the
Code in VS Code.

                 - ace108

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

21.06.2020 15:19

I have several questions:

What does VS stand for?


Do you use HTML code?

21.06.2020 17:08

I do use HTML alot. Sorry, VS Code stands from Visual Studio Code.
It's an open source coding app from Microsoft that supports many language include Markdown and HTML but I mostly use it to code in Python and SQL too.

22.06.2020 07:00

I often use Markdown pad2 "editor for Windows, but I think it is necessary to shorten some commands to improve its application and / or management such as parachute a text in two columns, in addition, there should be more options to give style to our publications. more colors, text direction, edit images, create gift. and have the option to easily adjust the images loaded.

23.06.2020 19:57

MarkdownPad is an easy to use tool, however, it is uncomfortable to work with links when they are too long, as it makes the text difficult to read. On the other hand, handling the language requires a lot of memory to record each character in its rightful place in the code. You would have to have constant practice to be able to handle it without problems.

24.06.2020 12:17

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25.06.2020 13:02

Everything I publish I do with markdown, it is a simple tool, also as I am not so expert in this technology, I keep the basic things, and so far it has worked very well.

25.06.2020 16:50

To be honest, i rarely use the markdown editor while creating my articles. I have tried out the one on steemit and the only features i tried looking for are to do with spacing up and paragraphing my work. The topic discussion is prompting me to explore more of this great markdown tool in formating my posts.

I have seen lots of posts well designed and attractive courtesy of the well used mark down editor. Take for instance the table format you have used to create that tabulated information layout.

Thanks so much for this valuable discussion.

25.06.2020 17:52