[Discussion Post] Which Disney movie is your favorite?

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For this week's discussion, I decided to go for a topic that will be very personable for each of the participants. Everyone loves Disney, but there are so many different movies that resonate so differently amongst different individuals, I hope this topic will spark discussion!

Which Disney movie is your favorite, and why?

Feel free to list some of your favorite Disney songs as well!

Discuss away!

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Comments 25

This is a tough one. Asking me to pick my favorite Disney movie is like asking a parent to pick a favorite child. But if I had to pick one, it would be Toy Story 2. To be honest, I'm a bit fuzzy on the plot since I haven't watched it in a while, but I can't count the number of times that I've re-watched it. I love the airport scene especially. Plus, there are so many famous actors whose voices I didn't recognize as a child, but who I have heard of now including Tom Hanks and Don Rickles. I have enjoyed the entire Toy Story franchise, but the second movie tops the list.

As an amateur clarinet player and enthusiast, my favorite Disney piece (not song) is definitely the opening of the Fantastia remake because it features Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue. The very technical and extremely difficult clarinet solo is amazing and never ceases to amaze me no matter how many times I hear it. The combination of the trill, followed by the glissando, and finished off with the bend sounds so perfect and pure. Gershwin was really innovative in combining classical and jazz styles into one. Also have to shout out the piano part because holy crap, that part seems insane (remind me, did Gershwin ad lib the piano part on the debut and write it later?)

27.06.2020 03:32

I am pretty sure Gershwin did improvise the piano part at the premiere. He was incredible.

27.06.2020 03:36

I really hope to see Fantasia one day. I love this scene:

27.06.2020 03:40

This is epic!

01.07.2020 05:26

The Toy Story franchise is amazing! I totally agree that picking a favorite Disney movie is incredibly difficult.

03.07.2020 16:58

Old Yeller. The theme song is iconic,

and even though it was made in 1957, the movie is still famous today for the emotional impact that it has on its audience.

I can't think any of their other movies that had such a powerful emotional impact. The only family movies I can think of that come close are Bridge to Terabithia, My Dog Skip, and Remember the Titans. The first two weren't Disney. I just learned that Remember the Titans was by Disney, but I don't think it had quite the same reach as Old Yeller. Disney was killing off beloved characters while George R. R. Martin was still in grade school.

And of course, everyone loves cute dogs. ; -)

27.06.2020 04:49

By far, for me it has to be Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker!!! I know that when we think of Disney, we don't tend to think of Star Wars, but since I'm a huge fan, I can't help but pick the latest in the saga. What captured me the most was the fact that the films are now showing more of the powers of being a Jedi. In the past, due to the lack of animation and special effects like we have today, the Jedi was limited in what they could display as powers and abilities. I was especially happy to see the demonstration of the healing powers of the Jedi. As always, there was a lot of symbolism about what our world might be moving towards, both good and bad.

27.06.2020 15:20

The film is a work of art, on a personal matter I would like to see more of the Knights of Ren. They looked very Badass in the trilogy and were on a plane far from it. More intimidating are seen by the Vader Inquisitors in their animated series and comics.

Eager for now to see more about the future of the Star Wars Universe with Rey being a Sentinel Jedi (As she was previously known in the Republic Age), with Ashoka's appearance in The Mandalorian (Hope Thrawn appears) and see if they do something referring to the old republic with audiovisual content.

01.07.2020 05:24

Ahsoka Tano in The Mandalorian???!!! This is the first I'm hearing of that! I hope it's true. The Knights of Ren are indeed badass, and so were the Knights of Snoke with those red uniforms. Vader's Inquisitors were pretty impressive with those swirling Sith Sabers. Do you really think they will do another trilogy with Rey? I never heard of a Sentinel Jedi. If they do continue with Rey, it would be nice to see Finn train as a Jedi; I believe he's Force Sensitive as well, but doesn't realize it do to his being mind controlled by the First Order.

01.07.2020 08:18
  • Yes, the Jedi Sentinel we see them from Star Wars The Clone Wars (The series).
  • Those Snoke Soldiers I saw more as an upgraded version of the Emperor's Royal Guard. (For me)
  • In the Mandalorian could be Ahsoka and even Boba Fett, all for this second season.
  • Theoretically, the awakening of the force goes to Finn. He is the awakening, then Rey is included.
  • For the post Skywalker trilogy we should expect to happen in The Mandalorian, remember there is an open story with Star Wars Rebels that can join The Mandalorian or this trilogy exploring unknown regions and so on.
01.07.2020 13:39
  • I can't wait until the second season of The Mandalorian begins; I actually thought it would have already begun; don't know what's taking so long. I'm still going through the second season of Resistance.
  • When I saw that Ren looked at Finn in the beginning of the Trilogy, I knew it had something to do with the Force, but it wasn't until I saw Finn using the Light Saber against Ren that I thought he was an undiscovered Jedi.
  • So you think they might do another season of the Rebels?
02.07.2020 09:54
  • Well I think they will be retouching some aspects of the series, we look forward to its arrival in October (I think).
  • As soon as I saw the movie, I knew it was force sensitive. It was like a direct click
  • I recently finished watching Star Wars Rebels and was left with a bitter taste in my mouth for wanting to see more of the Grand Admiral. I doubt they will do another season, I think they will do another series where they are linked. It would also be nice to know what happened to Tano all the time from Malachor and then his return to find Ezra.
02.07.2020 14:07

hey @cmp2020, it's a very good initiative. how can i take part in this discussion?

27.06.2020 18:47

Just respond with your thoughts, and I will upvote your comments so you get a share of the rewards.

27.06.2020 18:50

now day's i not watch much movies but when i child i love to watch the jungle book. i also watch the various movies which related mogali. i still don't know why i like this movies at that time. may be i child and the cartoons in it are attract to me but i also love the song jangal jangal bat chali hai. i am not sure about it is song of the jangle book or the mogali. but me my friend are sing this song when we play in kinder garden.

when ever that tiger shere khan come to attack on mogali we scream from outside of the television Run mogali run he will cheat you and attack on you don't believe on him😂😂. now when i remember that moments i feels so crazy we are 😂😂 .


27.06.2020 19:26

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27.06.2020 20:04

It's really tough but I think I'll be chosing frozen as my favourite Disney movie , for me its so cute and fantasy full, I love watching it again and again

28.06.2020 07:11

The Hunchback of Notre Dame, was a film that marked my life and my childhood and even though there were many reasons, I will try to identify the most relevant ones.
It was the first movie I saw in the cinema, and in the company of my older sisters, it was a wonderful day, I remember that at the entrance to the cinema there were video game machines, racing simulator cart machines, lights, they had a casino but childish

As a child I never had a television, until the adolescence that my parents bought a television for the house, this towards every moment that I could watch television or some screen, it was fascinating.

In the absence of television I used to read stories and comics about written cartoons, and among so many readings I once read the work of the famous Victor Hugo, which was entitled Our Lady of Paris. But you never imagine I would see her on film. It was considered the same work but seeing it on film was something different.
One of the things that fascinated me about the film were the gargoyles, I had heard about them and I always imagine myself coming to life at night to protect the castles and with that atmosphere of gloom and torches, all resulting gloomy.
The guasimodo character considered me so brave and dashing, accepting the love between Esmeralda and the prince and still helping them to be together.
I influence my life and my games so much that I often simulated in my games, events that occurred in the film.
I remember that I wanted to make some swords that had the shape of the swords used by the prince and the priest, but to give it that shape was difficult, so looking at the bushes in my yard, I saw the coconut tree branches and by its shape I knew that it works, I did my best to get the branches and finally if it worked.
Even though I consider that I will fall short in my comments, I hope it is to your liking and I hope I have expressed myself clearly about my experience with this movie.

29.06.2020 14:44

My favorite disney movie and the first one I think of is "the little mermaid" as a child I was a fan of the little mermaid, I still remember my pajamas and my barbie.
I like that Ariel being a princess was always so dreamy and curious.
And even her music is perfect !!

29.06.2020 19:04

The little mermaid is a classic, I even have it on VHS from when it came out. Despite not being such a fan, I like its history and its moral.

01.07.2020 05:27

Oh that's great ... it's definitely a great piece to have on VHS
What times those of so much innocence and fantasy.

01.07.2020 05:41


What times those of so much innocence and fantasy.

01.07.2020 05:51

Hello @cmp2020, I come from the Knitrias Project! 😉😅

My favorite Disney movie is "The Lion King" 🦁, it is a movie that carries a shocking storyline of overcoming the past to recognize and face who we are no matter what happens. I loved both the animated version and the Live Action version that came out in previous years. Each one of them made me cry alike and they keep generating too much nostalgia every time I listen to the magnificent intro that the film hm has.

Besides that ... as a Star Wars fan, (as @famigliacurione) listening to Mufasa (James Earl Jones, the voice of Vader) is extremely amazing! Just remember the phrase:

"Look Simba... Everything the light touches. Is our Kingdom."

Grengs, great topic this week! 🔺

01.07.2020 05:12

I absolutely LOVE Disney movies! I don't care if they're considered "children's movies" because they are all just great quality entertainment for any age. As I said in a reply to @jmor's comment, picking a favorite Disney movie is so difficult! Not only are there so many movies to choose from (and then you get into the different properties of Disney--such as Star Wars and Marvel--and live-action versus animated), but also they are so diverse that it can be hard to compare movies. They're all just so good!
After serious consideration, I did choose a number one favorite, but I would also like to list some honorable mentions: Mulan (great music, empowering for women, relatable to me as a child); all of the Toy Story movies (compelling stories, lovable characters, full of feels); Hercules (stellar music, humorous); Meet the Robinsons (a totally under-rated movie, emotional, great plot); Coco (gorgeous animation, quality music, heartwarming plot); The Incredibles (superheroes are great, childhood classic, good villain, good score).
But now is the time for me to choose my favorite. I can't emphasize enough that choosing a favorite Disney movie is next to impossible. But my choice for #1 is 2014's Big Hero 6. I really connected to this movie in so many ways. It was great to see an Asian protagonist (Hiro Hamada), and I love that the heroes of the story identify themselves as nerds. Hiro is such a human character who makes lots of mistakes and struggles to cope with grief. Even though I'm not that good at science, I loved seeing science and academics empower the heroes of the story. Their power comes from their brains. It was a very fresh take on superheroes (not only do they not have actual powers--which I realize is not uncommon but the entire team is comprised of heroes without superpowers--but also they are really young). Also, I'd like to mention that I think the initial previews for the movie were misleading in terms of the plot (though I will say that a lot of Disney movies have trailers that are misleading). Regardless, I knew I wanted to watch it as soon as I saw the trailers. I would just say I was shocked (in a good way) the first time I saw it by its raw emotion and adult themes. Plus, how can I not love Baymax?

03.07.2020 17:29

I also want to mention some of my favorite Disney songs (again, so difficult!) but figured that the comment about my favorite movie was already long enough.
In this case, I don't think I can choose an absolute favorite song. Instead, I'll list just a handful of greats (though there are many more that I wish I could include but I don't want this to become a full essay). So, in no particular order, here is my list:

03.07.2020 17:53