[Discussion Post] What unusual weather stories do you have?

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Hello everyone! Over the years, I have heard a lot of weather stories from a lot of the people in my family. One of my grandfathers was nearly struck by lightning, and lost his hearing for 2 weeks. Earlier this year, we had a tornado roll through an area near me, and damage the property of several people I know. Yesterday, we had a lot of rain, and that has inspired me to ask:

What unusual weather stories do you have?

I am sure that some of these stories will be fun, and others may be painful to tell. Please only comment what you are comfortable telling, and remain respectful in any discussions that crop up considering this could be a sensitive topic for some. I will be rewarding engaging comments with a portion of the liquid rewards!

Discuss away!

On a side note, here is Beethoven's depiction of a storm from the sixth symphony

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ohh nice i am going to be first to give my entry for this discussion.

Placement Drive in heavy rain

This happens last year. when i enter in my final year of Bachelor of Engineering degree. we have so many On- campus and Off-campus placement drives. one of this is TCS's off-campus drive. I sill remember the date it's 2nd August 2019. their is heavy rain in Mumbai high. most of the locals are delay from their scheduled time.

Exam center is 39 km from our home. some how me and 4 friends reach the exam center. because we are in afternoon batch so we leave our home at morning 6 that's why we not face much difficulty.

but while returning from their rain increases very much all the local trains and buses are cancel we thought we are stuck their but at 7 pm some local trains are start but they are much delay. we have no other way so we take one of the local.

we need to change to trains to reach our home. when we take 1st local we need to change this local just after 2 stops. their is not much distance between this two stations but due to o many locals are canceled all the train on the railway tracks that's why train can't move fast even we are stuck at a same place for more than hour in hope that now will train start, now train start but it not start moving.

At the end we come out from the trains and start walking on the tracks to reach next station where we need to pick 2nd local for our home. there are so many peoples on the tracks with us who are going to their home while walking on railway track and i capture that moment in my camera.


After facing so many difficulty we reach to our home safely.this is first time in my life when i stuck somewhere in rain because usually i not go out when their is such situations but this is important. Today i have offer latter of tcs in my hands and now when i look back and think about that day then i think that if that day i not face that difficulty and not give that aptitude exam then maybe today i not have that offer latter in my hand.

11.07.2020 19:59

I once observed an unusual weather condition. That was in early June. I was a student at that time. We were waiting for the bus. Sun was shining. It was very hot. Suddenly a dark cloud appeared. The wind blew and it rained. A spectacular rainbow appeared right in front of us. Then a large hail went. Lightning flashed. Nature seemed to show us its capabilities. It was a very beautiful sight!

11.07.2020 21:06

Wow! Amazing!

17.07.2020 18:28

Beautiful, sunny, clear skies..... later teemed with white lines, followed by heavy rains & unsual raincloud formations in the pacific northwest. And, trees uprooted by gusts of wind.

12.07.2020 07:50

I faced an unusual weather condition. That was in last month i.e. June. when Cyclon Nisarga hits maharashtra state. it's not an unusual because mansoon season just started at that time india so their is expectation of little bit rain but no one expect this powerfull cyclone whose speed is 100-110 km/hr and also accordig to the maharastra's climate it's unsual because i never see that cyclone come in maharastra and also i heard in news that this cyclone come at least 100 years ago. after that it not shows in maharastra. when cyclone nisarga hit's maharastra three major city of maharshtra mumbai, pune and nagpur are on high aleart. due to this cyclone their is huge loss of money in maharashtra but with the hard work of mumbai police and india neavy there is not much loss of human lifes(talking about my city not have much idea about other citys).
they make sure that no one will get harm due to this cyclone which almost come after 100 years.
Thanks To the Mumbai Police and Indian Neavy

12.07.2020 11:53

Appreciated @cmp2020 and participants of this conversation.

A little over a month ago I went to visit my son @ulisesfl17 who is located in an urban development near the center of the city of Maturín, Monagas state, Venezuela. This is a very intervened area from the environmental point of view, less than 800 meters away is the José Tadeo Monagas airport, besides it is surrounded by big residential structures, public institutions, clinics, educational institutes, avenues, among others. It could be said that the existence of flora and fauna is reduced to small gardens and some trees planted on the margins of the avenues that are frequented by insects and species of domestic birds, such as pigeons.

I remember that 65 years ago I lived in this city, its sectors and streets could be counted on the fingers of one hand. Maturín was a small town that tried to impose its germination in the heart of a spectacular ecosystem of tropical savannah with its dense vegetation of grasslands and bushes; its main natural body of water had a very generous flow, today the Guarapiche River is so degraded, polluted and with such a low flow than any other aquatic ecosystem trapped in the middle of human and industrial settlements.

The intervention of these natural spaces generated loss of the landscape, deforestation on a massive scale for residential, industrial and agricultural purposes; considerable affectation of surface and underground water bodies due to the demand for the resource to supply domestic, recreational, industrial and agricultural needs that ended up disappearing water veins and proportionally diminishing the hydrological system; this negatively influenced the hydro-climatic pattern and its impact has been phenomenal.

After 120 days of having paralyzed 95% of air traffic, limited vehicle traffic due to lack of fuel and sanitary quarantine, paralyzed economic, educational and recreational activities, among others; air quality began to improve, the thundering and vibrant noise of airplanes, cargo vehicles, public and private transportation disappeared; the pedestrian crossing diminished and a pleasant calm took over the city. This tranquility and environmental conditions encouraged the visit of wildlife that had been expropriated and thrown out of their habitat because it was necessary to give them a social use.

So, thanks to the cessation of human activities by mandatory compliance with preventive measures before the COVID-19, mammal and bird species that were seen in captivity as pets have been sighted. To conclude, I present some images where a group of parrots are found in chaguaramo palms eating their fruits; this had never been appreciated by the inhabitants of the urbanism that was built 35 years ago.


Own taken with iPhone 6 cell phone.

When the balance of the hydrological cycle is disturbed and other environmental components are drastically affected, the climate pattern takes a turn with unfavourable consequences for humanity and the biosphere in general. One way to harmonize ecological relations would be to think about and execute a territorial reordering, to take care and protect areas and ecosystems that are sensitive because of their environmental components; to become aware of fossil energy consumption and to decontaminate natural water bodies...

We can do a lot for the planet; however, we would receive more than we give.

12.07.2020 17:33

! [image.png] () [image] (http://www.eltiempodelosaficionados.com/Tormentaquedebohacer.html)

In my country, Venezuela, there are few meteorological phenomena that are evident, they are storms and normally rains wreak havoc but for not following the regulations regarding construction, which causes people to build in risk areas. It is so much so, that when I remember intense winters, I go back to my childhood and my school age, they were times where winters were heavy storms and precisely that stage for this unusual weather experience.
Being in classes at the "Venezuelan Federation of Teachers" school where I studied all my elementary school, in the middle of the classroom, I remember that it was room number 4, a room that I currently visit because it is where the electoral table works where I have to vote. They are in classes in said classroom, one day of intense rain, before the eyes and amazement of the children who are present, a lightning bolt fell (here we call it lightning) and a concrete bench that was next to the field broke in half sporty
That was a deafening noise, where all the children in their majority went into crisis; Fear seized that school and between tears and screams the minutes passed until we were evacuated.
I will never forget that day, it was May 19, 1992.

13.07.2020 02:06

Hi! Thanks for this discussion!

In fact we had a big weather disaster almost 2 years ago. As you might know, we live in Mallorca, in Europe. In the fall of 2018, local thunder and rainfall has caused immense flooding which killed eventually 10 people. Among the victims were a couple of kids from the same household.

Tom has helped the fire brigade in the aftermath to help locate missing people, but didn't find anyone. As mud had completely cover the entire area. They eventually found everyone, also the little boy who he has been help finding. He still talks about the smell of death animals and the hope that the smell came from the missing boy. How strange this may sounds, but after days in the heat (it was still 30' Celcius) you just want to find it to give the rest of the family closure.

The area that was hit the hardest was the birthplace of the famous tennis player Rafael Nadal. He also came to ground zero to help clean the mess.

Here is a short video about the disaster:

Here they still speak of 8 confirmed death as the missing boy (8) and a cab driver is not found yet. RIP

15.07.2020 00:06

Hello friends!!
The most unusual and strange thing that I have lived with nature was in an opportunity where it rained very hard from the corner of my house downwards and from where my house is it did not rain at all.
It was awesome!!
all the neighbors left home to see so much wonder.

16.07.2020 03:06


Pixabay license, source

The year was 1972. Hurricane Agnes had tapered off to a tropical storm, but it was still causing large amounts of flooding in Pennsylvania. I was a young child at the time, and was riding in a car somewhere in central PA with my mother and my grandfather.

We came to the edge of a bridge where both ends were flooded by the rising river (I suppose it was the Susquehanna), but the middle of the bridge was still above the water level. Somehow, my grandfather managed to spot a chipmunk out in the middle of the bridge that was trapped by the rising water on both sides. So...

He stopped the car, waded through knee deep water out onto the bridge in the pouring rain, captured the chipmunk, and brought it safely back to the car. We took the chipmunk home and I kept it as a pet for a while, but eventually released it in the yard. I don't remember whether we gave it a name or not.

17.07.2020 00:34

I arrived, I think just in time to leave my contribution to the discussion ...

One of the most shocking events that I remember regarding the rains was The Vargas Landslide, it was a historical event that marked the lives of thousands of people on the Venezuelan coast.

The tragedy occurred on December 15, 1999 and lasted three days of continuous chaos, where heavy rainfall saturated the ground with more than 2,000mm of water, generating a flow rate and going down slopes of more than 30 degrees, bringing landslides with it. earth, rocks, trees and the vegetal layer of the mtains.

Those af affected are counted from 10,000 to 30,000 Venezuelans and even the tragedy is in the Guinness Book of Records as the highest number of fatalities due to a mudslide.

17.07.2020 18:25