[Discussion Post] What is your favorite event in your country's history?

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Today is the 4th of July. For those of you who are unaware, that is the day when, in 1776, the United States declared its independence. In light of this patriotic day, and in hopes of learning a little something about some of the other cultures here on Steem, I have decided to make this week's discussion topic related to history:

What is your favorite event in your country's history, and why?

Maybe this event is very popular in your country, or maybe it's something small that happened near where you were born. Maybe it has a holiday, or maybe you think it deserves one.

Feel free to go into detail about the event, and even provide sources where helpful!

Discuss away!

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Today is the 4th of July. For those of you who are unaware, that is the day when, in 1776, the United States declared its independence

I’m very interested, do you somehow celebrate the Boston Tea Party? After all, this event has become an iconic event of American history...

04.07.2020 12:54

The Boston Tea Party is taught in history classes, and you're definitely right that it's an iconic event. But as far as I know, it's not normally commemorated with any sort of widespread celebration.

July 4 marks the day in 1776 that the Declaration of Independence of Independence was signed. Here it is, read by a bunch of celebrities:

Of course, nowadays most people call the holiday, "July 4th" instead of "Independence Day" and it's mostly just an excuse for a barbecue. ; -)

04.07.2020 13:44

I did not understand why my comment caused a negative reaction by @ georgemales :-(

04.07.2020 14:12

I do not either. Sorry that @georgemales downvoted you.

Do you have a favorite event in your country's history?

05.07.2020 14:40

For our country, this date is May 9th. That day, with arms in hand, we defended the right to exist.

05.07.2020 19:52

What is your favorite event in your country's history, and why?

My favorite event in my country is Krishna Janmashtami. Birthday of lord Krishna also named Madhav.


This reason is enough that it is birthday of lord Krishna but their is one more reason. on my birth it's Krishna Janmstami.

Date of Krishna Jayani is changes according to muhrta but it's near to my birthday.

This year my birthday is on 24th august and Krishna Janmastami is on 11th of August but last year both dates are same i.e. my birhday and Krishna Janmashtami in on 24th August.

On next day of Krishna janmastami we celebrate Dahi Handi because makhan or chees is favorite dish of lord Krishna and he used to steal makhan from his villager home with his friends.

It is one the Krishna leela of Lord Krishna.


This is how lord Krishna steal the makhan. there friends make a pyramid and lord Krishna go up on them and steal the makhan which is on placed on a height. In Hindi we called it थर(Thar).

04.07.2020 15:17

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05.07.2020 19:41

I am sorry about your son, but I have downvoted this comment because you are spamming my discussion. If you want to earn a portion of the rewards, give me an answer to the prompt that is more specific than "football." But please do not spam this here again.

06.07.2020 13:39

My favorite event in my country is international mother language day February 21

06.07.2020 14:42

I am Indian and my favorite event in my country is 15th august i.e. Independance day of India.
It is the day when India become inependant Nation. It's the most proudest moment for the citizence of the Nation.


This is the result of all the krantikari and freedome fighters. they sacrifies their lifes only for this day. we give them tribute on Independance Day.

05.07.2020 14:18

Rudra is my son, I need some earn for my son, But I don't know How to Earn From Here?


05.07.2020 19:41

Tell me your favorite event in your country's history.

06.07.2020 04:33


06.07.2020 05:29

I am sorry, but you need to be more specific.

06.07.2020 13:35

My favorite event in my country is international mother language day February 21


06.07.2020 14:45

ok. for future reference, you only need to comment once. I have upvoted your other comment, and you will receive a portion of this article's rewards.

06.07.2020 15:21

My name is Charles. I joined Steem on February 2018. I am a Nigerian. My favourite even was in 2003 when the then president Olusegun Obasanjo brought in GMS mobile phones in Nigeria. Before that time, there were just telephones which of course are not mobile. Since the introduction of mobile phone technology, progress has been made in communication in the country in the last 17years. And now, we have smart phones through which we can easily access the internet from any location, opening up Communication, networking and earning opportunities Previously unknown.

As a matter of fact, am making this post using my Infinix S5 smart phone and I took this picture in total darkness using the phone lights. It's 12.32am 6/7/2020 local time.


So thank you so much former president Obasanjo for bringing mobile phone technology in Nigeria. I won't quickly forget the huge benefits and contribution it has brought to our economy and life these 17years.

05.07.2020 23:36

Wow, that is an amazing story! I probably take my smartphone and other technology for granted because in the U.S., it is very commonplace. Very inspiring and thanks for sharing.

09.07.2020 03:12

Prompt: What is your favorite event in your country's history, and why?

My favorite event is the discovery of Igbo Ukwu artifacts in an Igbo town called Igbo Ukwu, Anambra State, Nigeria, West Africa.

images (11).jpeg
A festival in Igbo Ukwu

This wouldn't have been possible if not for the escavation that occurred back then. It's was discovered by Anozie Isaiah in 1939.

According to archeologist the bronze artifacts are dated far back as 9th Century AD which is way back in the olden days compared to our present century.

My reason for loving this particular history is simple. Other countries have one or two ancient artifacts that they use to entertain tourists that visit their museum.

Same goes for me. Presently, Anambra has a museum that houses these artifacts and preserve them for tourist purposes.

images (12).jpeg

Igbo Ukwu museum

I'm very glad that with that tourists are attracted to the Eastern region, where I'm originally from, and see all that's in store for them.

Down history lane

It's documented that more sites were escavated by Thurstan Shaw in 1959 and 1964 respectively to reveal more than 700 quality bronze, iron and copper artifacts. More than 165000 glass, stone beads and carnelian, ivory, pottery and textiles.

Some of the artifacts;

images (13).jpeg

images (14).jpeg

Although there are older artifacts discovered before that of Igbo Ukwu and they can be found in Ife and Benin both in Edo State, Nigeria, West Africa.

06.07.2020 06:17

Wow, those are some beautiful hand-crafted artifacts. @Cmp2020 and I read a historical fiction novel in our English class this year called Things Fall Apart, by Chinua Achebe, and we learned a lot about Igbo culture from it. It is really amazing how these artifacts are still in tact. History is so amazing sometimes.

09.07.2020 03:18

My favourite event in my country is Christmas celebration.


I am Faith Okoro from Abia State, Nigeria.
Christmas celebration is usually a big event in my country, state and community. In fact from my community, we use to prepare for Christmas 7 months ahead.


Although it is a day when we Christians do remember the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. But apart from this religious celebration, Christmas is usually a unique period in my community.

During this period, everyone from my community use to come back home, no matter where they are. It is a period where we reunite and bond together.
During the Christmas celebration, we would see so many family members we have never seen before.
Christmas celebration in my community use to be a big occasion, as there are so much to eat, drink and celebrate.
Every family will kill different kinds of animal and invite all friends and family to come eat. Some use to kill cow, others goats, some other persons fowl(ie life chicken). There is always so much to eat and merry.
It is also a period where so many disputes between families are resolved, in other not to enter a new year with quarrels and fights.
It is also a period where the older guys use to set huge amount of money for the youths to play football matches and the winning team will go home with about a million naira(Nigerian currency).
It is usually a fun filled period.
So everyone use to prepare and anticipate Christmas celebration period.

Thank you @cpm2020 for this contest. It is quite nice participating.

06.07.2020 08:50

@cmp2020 my favourite event in my country is the independence day, this is an event we celebrate every 1st of october in every year ;

Image source:google

It was told that Nigeria got her independence from the british colonial master in the year 1960 and it has been a great event to remember and celebrate since then ,

images (1).jpg
Image source:google

During this event , schools goes on a 2 to 3 days holiday , banking sectors goes on holiday and every other sectors aswell, no offices opens during this event and many other activities do take place such as match past by secondary school pupils and teachers in which the governor of the state stays present depending on the state in particular and its expected every state does thesame , going to the stadium to hear the governor 's speech, most times the president has to pay a visit to a state or states during the time of the independence celebration as i have witnessed the coming of the president to my state in one of the occassions.

Families do go for outings and vacations as this tends to be a great event.

I mostly enjoyed this event during my primary and secondary school days because teachers tends to use that opportunity to explore pupils and take them on an outing after the normal and general activities.

This is quite interesting writting and i am pleased to participate

06.07.2020 09:50

No doubt! The most loved and followed event in my region is the Festa di Sant'Efisio which takes place every year on the first day of May. This is a very ancient festival and it is the testimony of the great devotion of the people of Sardinia for the Saint Efisio who in 1657 freed the city from a serious plague epidemic that decimated the population.

It is a festival of great devotion during which all the countries of my region parade wearing traditional clothes.

Beautiful clothes, also rich in ornaments. A feast also for the eyes. Think that this ancient event was proposed for recognition by UNESCO, as a heritage of humanity.

Sounds colors and traditional customs parade in Cagliari to the delight of many tourists and visitors. For me an unmissable moment to take some nice pictures.
Every year I follow this event with my camera and I try to stop my attention on the thousand details of the clothes and the scenography. Every year a different and always exciting show.
But if you want to know more I have already had the opportunity to write a post recently on this party. This is the link.

06.07.2020 16:50


The history of the countries, especially the countries of the American continent, including my country Venezuela, has been framed in struggles for their independence and sovereignty. It is a quality inherent in the independence of a nation, having its own Constitution, which is the normative framework to legally govern a country. It was for 1811, on December 21, when the first Constitution of Venezuela was promulgated and sanctioned. Although this legal instrument had little validity, since it was repealed on July 21 of the following year, its importance and radical importance at birth to all other subsequent constitutions to date.
To add elements of importance to this fact, according to my criteria; It should be noted that it was the first Constitution in Latin America, in addition to the fact that it had as one of its co-rapporteurs an illustrious hero, who was Juan Germán Roscio Nieves, whose name made the municipality in which I was born and where I currently live honor. The aforementioned hero was born in San José de Tiznados, a town in the Guarico state, a state of which I am a native, therefore he can say that we are countrymen and I join the pride that all Guariqueños feel that the co-rapporteur of our first Constitution, we are born in our lands.

07.07.2020 17:06

Great contribution! I had to analyze many years of history to find my favorite event, thanks to your post I was able to have a broad context of many times, greetings

09.07.2020 18:48

The campaign for the abolition of slavery began in 1816, with the liberator Simon Bolivar as the main protagonist, but it must have been 38 years since then so that in 1854, when who at that time was President of the Republic, Jose Gregorio Monagas dictated and signed a decree to give conditional freedom to some slaves, it is estimated that they were approximately 40 thousand slaves, thus giving the first moment that would later become vital on March 24, 1854, when Congress approved the law that prohibited slavery and this way I remain abolition, thus giving back the human dignity to the slaves.


I categorically reject any event that involves slavery and humiliation of people.

08.07.2020 00:07

Terrific. I went back to 5th grade Venezuela history. Regards!

09.07.2020 18:48

So much has happened in the short 244 year history of the United States that it's hard to pinpoint one specific or notable event in my country's history. For this discussion post, I will pick Constitution Day. On September 17, 1787, delegates from the original 13 states signed a new framework for government that they had drafted in Philadelphia. The previous framework, the Articles of Confederation, was a massive failure because the federal government was made too weak compared to the individual sovereign states. My favorite aspect of the original American Constitution (before the Bill of Rights were added) is the amendment process addressed in Article V. Using this process, the U.S. has been able to abolish slavery (13th Amendment), allow African-American men to vote (15th Amendment), allow women to vote (19th Amendment), set a formal presidential term limit (22nd Amendment), get rid of all poll taxes (24th Amendment), and allow all citizens who are at least 18 to vote (26th Amendment). The U.S. Constitution has been the formal framework for the federal government for over 200 years, which is unbelievable to me.

If you want to learn more about the Founding Fathers, the Articles/Amendments of the Constitution, and Constitution Day, you can refer to this website.

08.07.2020 23:50

Mi evento historico favorito es el gobierno de Marco Perez Jimenez, Presidente de Venezuela desde 1953 hasta 1958. Un gobierno visto con mano dura (dictadura) pero con grandes aportes hacia la infraestructura de toda la nación. Pese a no haber podido vivir este periodo, admiro mucho el trabajo que realizó M.P. Jimenez en du mandato presidencial.

Su obras más significativas son:

  • The Caracas - La Guaira Highway (Classified as the most expensive highway in the world, was one of the most important engineering works carried out in Latin America. Viaduct No. 1, which was the fifth largest bridge in the world, collapsed on 19 March 2006).
  • The Central Regional Highway.
  • The Eastern Highway.
  • The Valle-Coche Highway.
  • Urdaneta Avenue.
  • Francisco de Miranda Avenue.
  • Libertador Avenue.
  • The Orinoco Steel Plant (One of the largest steel complexes in the world).
  • The Francisco Fajardo Highway.
  • The Merida Cable Car (highest and second longest cable car in the world).
  • The Caracas Cable Car.
  • The Humboldt Hotel. (Icon of Venezuelan modern architecture, record in construction (7 months) and the country's first heated indoor pool. (10 years of restoration and misery).
  • The Simón Bolívar Center and the Torres del Silencio. (Tallest buildings in Venezuela for 1954, seriously deteriorated today).
  • The La Rinconada Racecourse.
  • The Caracas Military Circle.
  • The Paseo Los Próceres.
  • The Vacation City "Los Caracas" (Currently destroyed and desolate).
  • The RV-1 Nuclear Reactor (First reactor in South America).
  • The Bridge over the Chama River (Currently abandoned and demolished).
  • The Urbanization December 2 (currently, Parish 23 January).
  • The Tamanaco Hotel.
  • The Maracay Golf Hotel (Better known as Hotel Maracay).
  • The University City of Caracas (started before assuming the presidency). It is an exceptional example of the modern architectural movement inspired by the Bauhaus. It groups together a large number of organized buildings in a cleanly interrelated set enriched with masterpieces by artists such as Jean Arp, Fernand Léger, Victor Vasarely and Wilfredo Lam. The most important achievement was the Aula Magna (Central University of Venezuela) made up of Alexander Calder's floating clouds, being classified as one of the five rooms with the best acoustics in the world
09.07.2020 18:44