[Discussion Post] What is your Family's story?

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Hello everyone! This week I have decided to have the discussion focus on your family's story. I will give an example of the defining story that my family has passed down for generations. I think this will make for a good discussion because it is unique to each individual, and each story is very interesting. So...

What is your Family's story?

You can talk about how your family came to be where it is, or an important event in your family's history that still defines it today. For me, that story is the story of John Palmer.

John Palmer came over as an early settler in Pennsylvania. He was a Quaker, and good friends with William Penn. When they came to America (seeking religious freedom), Penn gave him 1,000 acres of land as a result. John Palmer was one of the earliest settlers, and a lot of the land he owned is now the town of Langhorne (where some of my family still lives).

One significant aspect of the story of John Palmer for us is that he planted a pear tree. That pear tree stood for centuries until the late 1800s when it was cut down to build the Langhorne train station. When I was young, my father planted a pear tree in our yard (as well as some other trees) in acknowledgement of that aspect of our heritage.

Another fun fact about our family name "Palmer" is that it comes from the people who laid Palm Leaves at Jesus' feet as he rode into Jerusalem. We have a painting of that event on our wall.

Anyway, please discuss what your family's story is. I will upvote any engaging comments so that they earn an equal share of this post's liquid rewards!

Discuss away! Feel free to use sources to try to prove your point!

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To elaborate, people who are not familiar with Pennsylvania's history may not know that William Penn was the state's founder and first governor. His statue still stands on top of Philadelphia's City Hall. Here's some more of the story (at least the way I remember hearing it, probably mostly from your great-grandmother...).

John Palmer knew William Penn back in England, where Palmer was engaged to be married to a woman whose name I don't know. However, when Penn gave Palmer a land grant for 500 acres in Pennsylvania, that woman refused to emigrate and backed out of the marriage. Instead, Palmer wound up marrying her sister, Christian Joses.

When the couple arrived in America in 1683, they lived in a cave on the bank of the Delaware River while they built the house that they would eventually occupy. It was around this time that they received 500 more acres, because the person to whom that land had originally been granted never made the journey from England. They eventually had 11 children. Someone did a family genealogy book in the late 1800s that has two volumes. It's been a while since I've seen it, but I think there were more than 1,000 descendants listed.

Also, the pear tree that you mentioned (a Bartlett pear, I believe) was said to be a gift to John Palmer from William Penn.

13.06.2020 04:19

Whoops. This is how legends begin. Misremembering things. Thanks for updating the story!

13.06.2020 04:21

My grandpa is said to have missed boarding the Titanic because he was drunk.

13.06.2020 05:23

Hi! Great initiative again Christopher!

I am born and raised in Alkmaar, this is a city in the South East of the Netherlands. The city is, like a lot of cities in Holland, known for his cheese.

My grandfather started a bicycle repair shop in the city, and in those years it was a golden business. He had an entrepreneurial mindset and opened up a few more of those across the city.
Unfortunately, he loved drinking as much as fixing bikes, so he had to quit that venture. My father didn't know anything else so he also opened up a bike repair shop. But because bicycles are made better by the day, and people know how to fix the little things themselves, he didn't have the luck of my grandfather.
He now works as an employee for an online retailer of bikes and he delivers those bikes at home. I haven't seen him happier since then. Because of my relocation and my dad's dying fear of flying, we don't see each other that often. My mother's side is a bit more private :).
My husband got adopted as a toddler so we know little to nothing but can say he is raised by the most incredible people you can find. Thanks for running these types of challenges Chris!

14.06.2020 11:57

This initiative to create Discussion Posts is really a great idea, and I'm glad to see you are continuing to nurture this project. I have enjoyed adding some of my thoughts to a couple of the previous posts, and I wish I had the patience you have to maintain such an idea!

Every time I see another Discussion Post, I can't help but wonder if you and your followers would like to explore some Self Empowerment or Self Exploration questions? These are questions that inspire us to reach into our inner world, as well as our outer world, and explore how we and others view life, human nature and our beliefs.

The questions are not meant to have a right answer, but rather, a personal point of view that could help us in our reflections and introspective moments. I'll offer some here, that you may - or may not - want to explore in some of your future Discussion Posts. No pressure; I just love to share ideas with no strings attached.

  • Do you get unconditional support from your family and friends?
  • What are you willing to accept from others?
  • What do you expect from others?
  • How do you control others and how do others control you?
  • Do you have negative habits that prevent you from attaining any of the following basic assets?
    • Happiness
    • Health
    • Fulfillment
    • Respect
    • Love
    • Financial Security
14.06.2020 17:16

These are great ideas! I think some are a little too personal for me to post, but you are welcome to post them yourself! Penny4thoughts will distribute the liquid rewards it gets if you set it as beneficiary.

I am trying to stick to generic topics that don't require people to reveal too much about themselves emotionally.

14.06.2020 22:37

I definitely love this topic ... My name is Ana Suleidy Hernandez Hernandez, my last name is repeated but my parents are not family, it is something that I must always answer.
There is a story on the part of my paternal family and that is that my great-grandmother was an Italian with the last name Maure, her parents were racists but she fell in love with a black man with blue eyes, and she was expelled from her family, a family with a lot of money, but she preferred love than money.
So I think my romantic blood comes from my father's family.

18.06.2020 05:25

Hello, your topic of discussion is really nice, I tell you my story ... My maternal grandmother had several children (13 to be exact) because of this, since there were many children to feed, she always looked for a way to reinvent herself, and She sold everything made by herself, towards sweets, cookies, cakes, pots, among other sweets, from there my mother learned and she in turn taught me and my sisters, nowadays whenever I can I prepare something for her that to my children and for birthdays the cakes are made by me.

18.06.2020 17:44

Belisario and Alvarado, my two last names from my genetic roots. These were united to give foundation to a small town called Parapara, whose etymology derived from the papaparo plant, vegetation that was abundant in that town at the time of 1660, the year of its foundation. Doña epiphany Alvarado and Celedonio Emeterio Belisario (my grandparents) being teenagers and natives of this little town called to be unified in marriage and whose origin is the first winery of the town of San Juan de los Morros, capital of the Guárico state, in order to be able to buy provisions and food . So the initiative of this young couple brought the desired well-being for the inhabitants of the town. A warehouse of about two hundred square meters, with 5 large wooden doors, at that time the greatness of a warehouse or supply is mediated by the number of doors it had. That young Celedonio Bélisario (my grandfather) with a prestigious personality, took advantage of his social ties to push the people forward, and it was in 1950 that he managed to build the first coleus sleeve (indigenous sport of the llaneros towns). ) which consists of releasing a bull to run and chase it on horseback, take it by the tail and knock it down and turn it around. That is called coleado bulls and Celedonio was the pioneer of this sport in the town of Parapara Such bullfighting days were the most significant event of those days. And of course that gave Celidonio a modest local fame, who was already known as a "fine horse" due to the skill of the beast who rode on Coleus evenings and his impeccable way of dressing. As well as that exotic way of walking acting. His worthy wife was peppered with the reputation of her sentimental partner and husband Celedonio Belisario. But that social recognition and popular leadership had its roots in the parents of these spouses. Alcadio Belisario father of Celedonio, held the great duty and distinguished task of being in charge of the operation of the Dynamo that supplied electricity to the entire town. It is worth the importance that a dynamo meant at that time, and this could only be managed by the most responsible hand of the people and who better than that gentleman. The administration consisted of maintaining this appliance and turning it on and off. It turned on at 6 in the afternoon and went off at 12 midnight.For his part. Sebastian Alvarado father of Epiphany, wife of Celedonio, fixed his mark on the history of this modest and humble little town when with his initiative to improve himself he made the first television that existed in that town. Upon the arrival of that strange device at Sebastian Alvarado's house, amazement invaded the population, who every day waited for the afternoon to go and concentrate in that house in order to be part of that event that meant watching television. Such was the ingenuity of the inhabitants that many expressed curiosity to uncover that device (the television) in order to see if those characters were being transmitted. They were certainly inside that apparatus. This fact shows how significant it was to have a television at that time and especially in that little town. This event gave rise to the creation of the first community cinema in the town of Parapara. Since for Sebastiano Alvarado, it was uncomfortable, feeling his privacy violated every time half the town went to his house to watch TV.From this union of young Celedio and Epiphany, there was a fruitful factory of people, 18 children were born and whoever writes to them here is the son of one of those pimpoyos (my father). This is a brief account of my family origins

18.06.2020 20:00