[Discussion Post] What is the best way to recruit new users to STEEM?

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Hello everyone!

Recently, I have been trying to recruit new users to Steem through projects such as the Build the Earth community, and the Wizarding World community. At first, I would try to recruit new users by just saying "Hey Guys! Here is this community you could come post in! YOU WILL GET PAID!" After a few attempts, I realized that:

The internet + Make money = Likely a scam

So, I have changed my approach. Instead of telling them what Steem is. I simply ask:

Could I post this to my blog?

I have found that they almost always say yes, and then proceed to view the article afterward. The problem comes with trying to help people understand the concept of Steem. Here is a screenshot of the German Build the Earth team's reaction:

German reaction.PNG

Everyone who I have offered the rewards to has turned them down and asked me to just keep posting for them. So, I figured I would make this week's discussion post Steem-based:

What is the best way to recruit new users?

How do you explain Steem to someone who doesn't understand it at all in a message short enough that they will read?

Please do not mention Hive in the discussion. We are all aware of it, and have our own opinions. This discussion is meant to be about Steem for those who have chosen to stay.

Discuss away!

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@tipu curate

23.05.2020 01:36

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 8/20 - need recharge?)

23.05.2020 01:36

1-Why do we need to attract users?
2-Why do we try attracting people with the lure of money?
1- If you join any site you are not expected to bring along new users the only time sites ask or people want to bring in people to a 'program' is pyramid schemes.
2- Why do people join other platforms eg. FB not for the money. For the experience. How many people do you think would say they have a positive experience on steem/hive.
Both are user unfriendly
Almost impossible to make money.
Hive has a dao for advertising and steem will have one will either be user for advertising? No.
Try putting in a proposal for either will you get it hell no.
So why bother?
Coz you care fine thats a nobel gesture so you deserve credit but its not our job and the ones whos job it is do not care in the slightest

23.05.2020 01:43

Why do people join other platforms eg. FB not for the money. For the experience. How many people do you think would say they have a positive experience on steem/hive.

I would say people join Facebook because their friends are on Facebook.

As for trying to get new users, the reason why I do it is because I think it increases the value of Steem in the long run. I get what you are saying, but I think it is in stakeholders' best interest to try to encourage new users, and I am a stakeholder (however small or large that stake may be). I wouldn't necessarily say it is any one person's job, but you are right that the community should do more to try to encourage new users.

23.05.2020 01:47

Somewhat agree but we induce people with dreams of making money.
Currently steem has around 3k users max ex multiple acc etc.
If we bought in 3k more members(not investors) just people to blog and cash out there earning the price of steem would be half what it is now.
We need investors to constantly come in to buy tokens to keep the price stable.
With the current moves and situation not investor is coming in either of the 2 platform's.
So alternative is introduce advertising use the revenue from advertising to buy up steem from exchanges and null it.
Problem there is who is going to advertise to a inflated 3k userbase? Noone of substance.
So bullshit we have a million users as JS probably thought we had. Set up multiple acc and con some companies into advertising on the platform. That in turn will give us stablity in price and attract more users imo

23.05.2020 01:58

Gentleman! After a long day when I opened my beloved steemit account. I read quite a few post regarding hive.
before asking any problem or giving any solution I wanted to know that wheather steemit people will completely shift to hive?
so that I can withdraw my funds to hive?

23.05.2020 04:24

Your Hive account and its balance from March 20th is already there. Check https://hive.blog/@saun if you like Steemit or https://peakd.com/@saun from the same people that made SteemPeak.

If you have any STEEM/SBD, trade them on any market that still trades them while you can. Hive has plenty of exchanges available.

Delistings for STEEM are inevitable after the witnesses stole from users. Steem balances are unsafe. Just two days ago, they stole 31,249 STEEM from my account, and 23.6 million STEEM in total.

See you on Hive!

23.05.2020 04:44

omg! gentleman!

23.05.2020 04:53

I've already moved to Hive. Selling my Steem as this platform is corrupted.

23.05.2020 06:44

Thanks for the update. I would appreciate it if you don't discuss Hive in these comments. The discussion is meant to be about Steem.

23.05.2020 13:50

Wasn't talking to you :)

23.05.2020 14:27

Then get the heck out of my comments :)

23.05.2020 14:32

So much for freedom. Life long and prosper.

23.05.2020 14:36

You are perfectly free to go and write your own discussion post, but the discussion here is not about Hive. Thank you for your consideration.

23.05.2020 15:12

Don't mention the war!

Anyway, he started it, not me. At least you got more comments on your post :)

23.05.2020 15:29

I am extremely sorry @cmp2020 Gentleman! Its all my faults of asking question. I have no idea what happened here and how serious is this issue! I am sorry! we all are like friends and family members whenever I have any questions I always ask steemit people. Its wonderful project and company. Gentleman! every one cares for his money! this year I lost a lot of my hard work money that I acquired in 2 years! I am guessing that only miracle can refund me.
Gentleman! @steevc I am sorry, because of me you faced a bit trouble!

25.05.2020 03:57

No, they won't. Hive pumped and dumped. Sorry, the fun is over. Unless you are a pain freak.

23.05.2020 22:45

Have a stake of at least 1000sp

Damn, too bad it got stolen.

23.05.2020 04:40

Thats what happens when you try amd steal first. Stop crapping all over people's post. Its more off putting than you imagine.

23.05.2020 22:47

lol, ignorant thief apologist.

23.05.2020 23:44

Intelligent, karma disseminated

24.05.2020 00:00

increasing the token!

23.05.2020 06:09

Interesting. Why do you think this would help bring new users?

23.05.2020 13:51

Increased stock market value, there are more profits. Stabilizing to its original value.

23.05.2020 13:59

What is the best way to recruit new users?

The concept is simple, Steem is the perfect combination of a social network, a forum and monetary rewards. The best way (in my opinion) to recruit is offering a social network that pays to contribute to your platform, with publishing photos, poems, literary works, drawings, stories ... It ranges from art to human expression. If your contribution is good, you can receive money for it.

How do you explain Steem to someone who doesn't understand it at all in a message short enough that they will read?

Steem is a blockchain database that supports community building and social interaction, it is the first cryptocurrency that accurately and transparently rewards an unlimited number of individuals who make subjective contributions to their community.

23.05.2020 07:15

it is the first cryptocurrency that accurately and transparently rewards an unlimited number of individuals. . .

The next questions are always:

Where does the money come from? Why does crypto hold value? I don't understand it, so why should I use it.

I think it is hard for people to take the leap of faith and try Steem out because they are afraid it is a scam (which is an understandable fear when discussing making money on the internet). I think my father came up with a clever response to the idea that you shouldn't use something because you don't understand it:

Presumably, you don't know how your car works, but you still use it. You don't know how the internet works, but you still use it. You don't necessarily need to understand something to use it.

But the problem always comes that people are wired to see ideas like Steem as a scam.

23.05.2020 15:43

Sure, there is obviously a certain degree of fear involved in something that offers money online.

When I started on the platform, I had some doubts about the monetization system and I had to see many videos and articles that better explained how Steem worked.

I believe that you can only recruit those who despite being afraid of being scammed, want to start something new and different.

23.05.2020 16:39

The thing is that people are skeptical of things they don't truly understand.

To be honest, Even I don't really understand how SteemIt works and It would be great if someone could explain it to me through different levels of understanding like I am 5,15,25 years old, that would be great!

If you are able to make me understand through these different levels then it will make people less skeptical as they understand it better.

23.05.2020 07:19

Best ways to recruit users:

Decrease the drama
Stop tampering with stake
Promote positive engagement
Allow for endusers to feel successful - curate, word of mouth with spread the word.
Stop harping on quality content, very few people consider themselves as authors. New users feel intimidated.

Make engagement fun!
Continue to do community activities like SteemIt's hundred days of Steem.

Simplify talking points regarding the advantages of the platform.

STOP TAMPERING WITH STAKE, if you want to have any creditibility.

23.05.2020 17:50

STOP TAMPERING WITH STAKE, if you want to have any creditibility.

lol. too late.

23.6 MILLION STEEM were robbed from arbitrary accounts on May 20th, 2020.

https://steemd.com/@mottler <- all this account ever did was mine STEEM and power it up. EVER.
The thief witnesses will steal anything they can. This is why a centralized blockchain is worthless.

Exit Steem. Your accounts and funds are NOT SAFE.

24.05.2020 23:18

I have been powering down this whole time. :)

25.05.2020 07:13

I couldn't agree more.

29.05.2020 02:50

Advertising is effective to the extent that it convinces the individual to whom the message is addressed, the recruitment instruments are innumerable, put into practice by large companies and they are oriented in the experience of their creators, having the opportunity to provide an idea about an effective recruitment process, I will orient myself in my experience, my disbelief about the benefits of steemit ceased when I personally saw what steemit was and how it worked. Someone very special to me, insisted that I know steemit until I achieved it, making me participate and that I was also a witness of what she achieved through the platform, Thus she convinced me, because it really is not credible that a community like steemit is real and much less that it generates so much well-being. You have to live it to believe it.
Among the measures to recruit would be to make videos telling the personal experience of each one of us, that people see that real people like them achieve economic and mental well-being.
Another measure would be the contests, we all love the contests, which is why I consider it appropriate that it can be used as a tool to attract new followers, the methodology may consist of promoting contests in which each participant sets the goal of inviting and making effective new subscriptions, a code would be used for each participant that in turn identifies their guests and thus verify each guest by the contestants, thus the contest would be transparent, said contest will pay awards to those who achieve the greatest number of new members. and make contests and group challenges among people who have the same code, so whoever recruits must train their guest.
I am sure that when each guest is part of and experiences in a tangible way, the reality of steemit, he will not hesitate to stay and be part of steemit.

23.05.2020 22:45

It was very hard work but I did it.. Fortunately you could see the good of steemit but few people can see it as well as you... Now we have to recruit more and more people with our example.

25.05.2020 23:19

I think the most logical way to gain new users is to reacquire all of the influencers that brought attention to steemit back.

The easiest way to get that done is to share with them that for the most part, the people responsible for chasing them away in the first place have found a new sandbox to play in.

23.05.2020 22:49

I am really interested to take this initiative forward:-

  • If someone can curate me, I can create infographics of Steem Basics- the updated one(short, sweet) easily understandable for the naive.
  • Why not open a Quora space, and share the questions related to Blockchain in that, We don't say someone to join from our side, but if we see some relevant questions on Steem Blockchain or someone who wants to make something out of blogging, then we can make a reasonable classification for him what Steem is that place.
  • Steem is perceived as a steep learning curve for average internet users. We can put some effort to bring down the curve and make it easy for average people, especially the new one joining this ecosystem.
25.05.2020 13:04

I think the best way to recruit is the financial incentive, we all like and need the money.
Why not use that fort to attract more people?
More simple advertising to get attention, less drama and flag conflicts, blacklist, spam.. Users like it easy, fast and accessible, that's why fb and instagram have so much movement of people.

25.05.2020 23:29

That´s right, it is a general opinion: The internet + Make money = Likely a scam
I think there are two important moments, one bringing new people, two getting most new people to stay.
Money is very important but it is not the only important.
And if multiple users come to
steemit and the conditions are pleasant for them, they will serve as promoters to bring their friends

26.05.2020 07:03