[Discussion Post] Do aliens exist, and have they visited Earth?

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Hello everyone!

Last week, I intended to make this discussion, but I really liked the idea of discussing ghost stories. This week, I am making the discussion aliens (though next week I will need to consider something less ominous for the discussion). One of the things I have noticed is how much TV there is discussing Aliens on Earth. I decided to make this week's discussion about Aliens in order to see what the general belief is, and if any users here have unique experiences that have made them believe (or not believe). So. . .

Do you believe that Aliens exist, and if so, have they visited earth?

One thing I would like to say is that I have been trying to have discussions centered around Steem on some occasions, but I have mainly been trying to pick universal topics that may be interesting to outsiders. With that being said, I think @stephenkendall has posed an interesting question, and I invite you to go respond if you are interested. He is not using the penny4thoughts system, but it is still a very interesting discussion. What would you do if you were in charge of Steem for a day? It reminds me of the Steemit President for a day challenge.

Anyway, Aliens have always been a fascination of mine, and I look forward to seeing the unique views presented. I will upvote comments which contribute to the discussion so that those comments earn an equal share of this post's liquid rewards!

Discuss away! Feel free to use sources to try to prove your point!

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YES a big fat yes, and looking at the news, they haven't left yet

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@cryptokannon ~ @ciska

06.06.2020 06:54

у древніх цивілізацій були тисячі тисяч років на навчання не тільки тераформуванню і запалюванню зірок, але й на власну модифікацію незалежності від атмосфери, їжі, світла, кровотоку, магнітних полів та іншого, на чому зав'язані бойові мавпочки

06.06.2020 11:09

I think this question can be approached with theory of probability, and I don't have the time to do it thoroughly, but I'm going to guess that it's likely life exists elsewhere in the universe mostly because we're here and there is no direct evidence of a magical origin story for us and no reason to believe our corner of the universe is more hospitable to life than anywhere else. The question then becomes what form do they take and how advanced along their evolutionary path? That is only considering terrestrial aliens in our space-time continuum.

06.06.2020 18:17

Two points in my life clearly changed my worldview, and my perception of life - energy and aliens. I didn't grow up as an atheist, but the religions that surrounded me offered me little to believe in. Around the year 2000, I began to learn about, and understand, the idea that energy is an important concept necessary for understanding so many of life's mysteries. From chemistry to psychology, it was the unseen force of energy that helped me better comprehend the deeper meaning of what confused the science-minded.

But after nearly 14 years, I hit another brick wall, as the New Age movement overly trivialized energy using all of the updated discoveries of science as proof for their wildest imaginations of the spirit world. That's when I began to take the subject of aliens seriously, and moved from the esoteric to the exoteric realm. From one gigantic rabbit hole to an even bigger one, which I'm still spiraling down at the speed of light!

So much effort throughout history, and especially today, has been put into the convolution of this issue of extraterrestrial life, and one must ask why. I believe the answer lies in the possibility that the presence of this idea - alien life - much like energy, will deepen an issue to its core, whether politics, psychology, genetics, history or nearly any other topic.

Advanced intelligent life in the universe should not be a mystery; and if it is not, then we can be open to learn much more than what we have allowed ourselves to learn with such a limited idea that humans are the height of intelligence.

09.06.2020 01:20

Hi @famigliacurione you're into esoteric stuff too. I read about it during my free time. I'm more into astrology but expanding to others too in hermetic studies branch.

09.06.2020 01:42

I read books or watch documentaries about alien sometimes in my free time if I have any left. They do exist, those who have abilities to heal human on energy level, they can see these humans but with alien energy, or alien that shiftshape to human. I believe they live among us and some have good intentions some have bad intentions especially the reptilian species. Nice topic, I can rumble here haha. p/s: please don't send the reward or any prize from this, as I'm contributing voluntarily. Good day!

09.06.2020 01:38

The subject of aliens, so controversial that entire television networks dedicate entire programs to this topic. I think that science and scientists are more interested than we think, the fact of knowing if extraterrestrials exist and it is a search that since the beginning of humanity, man has persecuted. Now, the point is whether or not aliens exist; I ask myself the following: if there are people who claim to have seen supernatural appearances in galaxies or the heavens, and that theory is also shared by scholars who enjoy credibility, then why not believe that they are not telling the truth, being a testimony, should at least give yourself the benefit of the doubt. There is also the question: if there is a galaxy, other planets including those already discovered by man, what is their existence for, what is the reason of a habitation if it does not have who inhabits it; All these questions lead me to conclude that the theory that aliens exist is quite valid, I even come to believe faithfully that it is so. If I differ in something, it is perhaps in terms of their phenotype, that is, I do not think they are as they are painted, but that there are entities that inhabit galaxies and other worlds from other planets, there are and science has proven it and also I think we are very close to that encounter between us earthlings and those species.

09.06.2020 02:55

Definitely if I believe that life exists on other planets, believing that we are the only ones that inhabit the universe would be quite absurd, and I think that just as we are curious to know about its existence, they must have their doubts, so if I think they have visited.

09.06.2020 22:50