Build the Earth Construction Hunt - A Contest for Builders and Viewers (4/17/2021 - 4/24/2021)

Hello everyone! I am so grateful for the support that my build project has received! The Steemit Team raised a question about the possibility of launching a contest, and it got me brainstorming. I've decided to launch a contest designed to bring more attractive content to the Build the Earth community. Here's how it works!

The Contest

The Build the Earth Construction Hunt is all about finding the best builds from the Build the Earth project. If you are participating in the project, you are welcome to submit one of your own builds! If you are not participating, I invite you to curate the wide selection of builds that are out there! You can find videos and photos from creators all across social media. Just make sure it is from the Build the Earth project. The object of the contest is to create an article that portrays one of these builds in a way that is attractive to viewers both outside and inside of the Steem ecosystem. Keep in mind that the quality of the build is important, but much more important is the quality of the article. The rewards will consist of:

1st Place - 50 Steem Power (and a facebook ad)
2nd Place - 25 Steem Power
rd Place - 10 Steem Power

I reserve the right to not select winners if I do not deem the content adequate
I will be powering up the rewards to the winner's accounts*

Facebook and other social media

In addition to this community, I have launched a facebook page for the Build the Earth community. I will be sharing the most attractive articles to that facebook page, and will be purchasing an ad for the 1st place article using a portion of the liquid portion of this article's rewards (the rest will go towards future ads and prizes). Please help me by following the page, and liking and sharing the posts.

The goal is to naturally reach people already participating in the Build the Earth project. So if you are using another creator's content from a different platform, it would be HIGHLY beneficial for you to leave a meaningful comment that informs them that you've decided to write about their build with a link to your article.

The Rules

  • Posts MUST be in decent English
  • Other information may be included to provide context and background to the build, but the topic of the post MUST be a Minecraft build in the Build the Earth project.
  • Posts MUST be at least 400 words
  • Posts MUST bwell-formatted.
  • Posts MUST not use any offensive or vulgar language.
  • Posts MUST be in The Build the Earth Community.
  • Posts MUST be Steem exclusive.
  • Only one article per user can be submitted, and to be counted as a submission, a link MUST be commented on THIS POST.
  • Submissions afr 11am EDT on Aprpril 24th will not be accepted, and the winners will be announced later in the day.
    ConclusionThananks for reading this! My hope is that this contest will help to build this community, and that participants will have fun and learn something new. I really look forward to reading the submissions, and I appreciate any support curators can give by voting on the submissions! Have a nice day!

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This contest is very extraordinary, and aims to make a very good article, I am sure that many participated in this contest, good luck always @cmp2020

17.04.2021 15:59

Must be in Minecraft? Can not others app like photoshop for design the earth, or something like that?

17.04.2021 17:00

It must be minecraft because it has to relate to Build the Earth

17.04.2021 17:52

Ya it is related to build the earth, awesome initiative it is please have a look at
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20.04.2021 12:38

Wow, wonderful initiative bro, I think it is the first-ever contest here about Minecraft I want to participate in this wonderful contest but I am not yet experienced in Minecraft but I can assure you that in the near future I will learn completely about Minecraft and will Build The Earth.

I am very hopeful to see new and more about this and looking forward to seeing the talent of the people in Minecraft here.

Thank You!

17.04.2021 17:50

Thank you! You're allowed to look for other people's builds and write about those.

17.04.2021 17:53

is it like that sir

17.04.2021 20:43

No because that is from before the project started. I'd recommend checking out the Build the Earth YouTube channel or instagram to find builds. There are also some region specific channels and social media accounts (such as Build the Earth Germany, and Build the Earth France).

17.04.2021 22:17

Are there no rules for viewers because those rules are mainly for the builders in the competition.

19.04.2021 22:29

Those rules are for both viewers and builders. Viewers should write a post about a build they find on one of the Build the Earth Youtube channels, or on one of the other social media accounts.

20.04.2021 23:45

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22.04.2021 06:06

I did not understand the contest very well, what I understood is that we have to play Minecraft and create a construction and give an explanation of it on a post.

18.04.2021 01:18

No. You dont have to play minecraft. There are other videos on youtube. Find one and write a post about it.

18.04.2021 01:27

OK, I understand, I will take a look at YouTube which video I find interesting to help me publish.

18.04.2021 01:34

I have an idea, but I don't know if you approve, the Latino community is very participatory when it comes to the contest, I could translate this publication and add some words to it so that the Spanish-speaking community has an idea of ​​what the contest is about.

A question!! Build the Earth can open the possibility that the publications are in Spanish, or the community is only English speaking. These are doubts that I have.

19.04.2021 11:29

I would love to, but I can't really judge Spanish posts effectively, or communicate with Spanish users on the facebook page. You're perfectly welcome to add Spanish translations to the article, but for now I think I have to keep it in English until I can find a moderator/judge who speaks spanish.

19.04.2021 21:35

I could apply as a moderator for the community, although I do not speak English since I do everything through the google translator. but I can easily communicate with the Spanish-speaking community.

19.04.2021 21:47

Perhaps in the future, but right now posts have to be at least partially in English to be considered for the contest. You are welcome to post other articles in Spanish though.

20.04.2021 23:49

very good contest my friend @cmp2020, who participate in the contest is expected to be especially happy, good

18.04.2021 18:25

OK, I understand, I will take a look at YouTube which video I find interesting to help me publish.

19.04.2021 07:20

You can also visit the official page of build the earth or facebook there you could collect information that you can use in your post.

19.04.2021 11:10

ok i can do this
thanks for information

19.04.2021 11:28

Please share my latest post this is a big problem in my life 😭

19.04.2021 10:34

I would love to participate but i didn't get, what we are supposed to write about.

19.04.2021 15:54

You're supposed to write about a build from the Build the Earth project. I'd recommend checking out the Build the Earth YouTube channel or instagram to find builds. There are also some region specific channels and social media accounts (such as Build the Earth Germany, and Build the Earth France).

20.04.2021 23:51


19.04.2021 16:11

Good afternoon, here my participation I hope you like it and it is the correct information requested in the task, any correction I am at your disposal, I hope to be able to participate.

19.04.2021 19:13


20.04.2021 13:37

Gr8 job!

19.04.2021 22:00

Thanks @cmp2020 for this great contest. I'm very glad to participate with my entry thus:

I hope you enjoy the poem and I'm glad to be part of the Build The Earth community

20.04.2021 04:34

Magnificent contest, i look forward in participating.

20.04.2021 06:02

Conclusion is not complete

20.04.2021 08:48

I like what you are doing...

20.04.2021 09:51

dear cmp2020 ! your adea is good but the question is that your idea will help new users .Are you sure you want to help new users having low steem power .If you are helping new users I appriciate you and your work and your team.

20.04.2021 11:09

dear cmp2020!!You have good idea and have good thinking for others on the other hand everyone is working for himself.

20.04.2021 11:14

To learn more about the incentives of different levels of users, I'd recommend this article from @remlaps. Ultimately, we are all here in our own self interest. Smaller accounts have an interest in growing their stake while larger accounts have an interest in trying to grow the value of what they have. I think this project will be beneficial to the value of Steem, and that is why I am doing it.

20.04.2021 23:57

thankyou sir

21.04.2021 04:08

I like what are you doing.
And i taked action to do it with my Project.



20.04.2021 18:13

like and follow)

20.04.2021 18:58

This contant is really good and Athentic

20.04.2021 19:18

Very interested contest....
Good job....

20.04.2021 19:24

Thank you always, this is indeed an awesome splendor of talents.
Can we relate this to life issues?

21.04.2021 02:03

No, it has to be about Build the Earth. You can look for builds that you personally relate to though.

21.04.2021 16:53

it was a great idea bro!

21.04.2021 06:46

very intersted contest..well job

21.04.2021 10:40

This is a very nice post. You made the post with a very good idea. Your post will touch everyone's mind. Especially attracted my mind. Your post has been much, much better. You have explained the meaning of your writing in a very simple way. That's why I like it even more. Thank you so much for posting that.

21.04.2021 13:09


21.04.2021 14:39

excellent project I love it because we can each give a different perspective of what we each think of what is the earth I love the truth that if I hope they continue to grow. Build the Earth

21.04.2021 16:17

hello, I hope this article is included in the category of content being held, thank you.

22.04.2021 11:00


24.04.2021 08:53

very jup contest, Coinciding with earth day, always success @cmp2020 .... I hope this earth is always maintained

22.04.2021 21:09

it's time to recover our planet earth .
we don't have much time . in this short time we have to do everything

23.04.2021 11:43

Your writing skill is pretty good and I'd like to participate in this. Thank you so much @cmp2020

23.04.2021 19:44