Build the Earth Construction Hunt #4 (85 Steem in Rewards)(5/8/2021 - 5/15/2021)

Hello everyone! This week's construction hunt was so exciting! In a minute, I will discuss the three winners, but first I would like to state that week 4 has begun! You can read the rules and find resources here. Please feel free to come join the contest if you find these posts of interest!

Now, I would like to discuss this week's winners and participants. This week had a lot of good posts in it, and the quality was definitely what I am looking for in these posts. I really invite anyone reading this who has stake to curate these articles because they are really well done. It was really hard to pick winners, and I am hoping that curators can join me in helping to reward those who did not "win". Thank you to everyone who participated! Let's discuss the winners!

Winners of Construction Hunt in week #3

First of all, this week there were 6 participants, so I devised a scoring system to judge the articles. The system was 3 groups of 30 points: style, cohesiveness, and formalities. It was really hard for me to judge some of these articles because they were all quite good, but here were my ultimate findings:

Third Place

In third place, I selected @chrisdsteemsport's discussion of Honfleur in Normandy, France. The fields this article stood out in were its cohesiveness, and attention to formalities. The author did a very good job at connecting the builds he discussed, and linking to where he got the builds from. Overall, the article flows really well because it has a central topic (that being builds from Honfleur). However, the article's formatting could have used a lot of improvement, and therefore it received a lower style score.

Reward: 10 Steem Power

Second Place

For second place, I decided to pick @intansariritonga's post about Sydney Australia. Overall, this article was quite well done. It flowed super well due to it's central topic of Sydney Australia, and was quite thrilling to read. The style was also good, and sources were provided. Ultimately this article, and the first place article were quite similar in their quality, and it was just a slight difference in style that determined the outcome. Both were quite good though!

Reward: 25 Steem Power

First Place

In first place, I have selected @stephenpaul's post giving us a virtual tour of France! This post was also quite excellent in observing the formalities, and flowed quite well. What ultimately made me pick it for first was the author's carefully phrased descriptions of each of the builds. It really added interest to the article, and I think it will look very attractive in terms advertising to people outside of Steem!

Reward: 50 Steem Power and one $14 facebook ad




Community Growth and Facebook Growth

I will now discuss the stats for this week for the community. Overall, the Steem end saw a great improvement from last week, but the Facebook page has become rather stagnant in terms of growth. Because of this, I decided to change my strategy from buying a 7 dollar engagement ad and a 7 dollar link clink ad to buying a 14 dollar engagement ad. Some of you may wonder why I care about growth for the Facebook page. It is a good point to raise because Facebook growth does not necessarily directly mean anything for Steem. My thinking is that the people who I want to come to Steem will judge the community not by anything here on Steem (at first at least), but actually by the presence on Facebook (something they understand). So my goal is to build an attractive looking page that will boost potential the trust of individuals before they click through to Steem. Here are the stats for this week:





One thing I will say is that while this has been successful on Steem, my objective of bringing people participating in this project has not yet been achieved. I am considering ways of incentivizing referral of these people, and may add a component to the contest in the near future. For now, I want to continue just filling the community with attractive content, and building an attractive ecosystem for these people.

Statistics for the Ads

In regards to the ads, I have been rather disappointed with the results. I do not think 7 dollar ads have had the effect I thought they would. That is why I am switching up my strategy. I may experiment in the future with ads for link clicks, but the most success I have seen was from an engagement ad, so I am going to try that first. Here are the stats:



Thanks for reading this! Thank you to everyone who participated! For anyone on the fence about participating in this contest, or in build the earth, please know that all are welcome, and I would be glad to help you learn! I would greatly appreciate feedback, and I really encourage those who are reading this to go support the authors of this week's posts! See you later!

The liquid rewards of this post will go towards future contests and advertising

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Congratulations to the winners they did a great job

08.05.2021 17:37

Wow! This is so amazing!! I'm both glad and at the same time humbled by my post being nominated for first place in this week's contest.I'd also like to congratulate the other winners as well. I want to say a huge "Thank You" to the judges for this nomination as well as the initiator of this project @cmp2020.

It has been so exciting participating in these contests, learning about Minecraft through the build the earth channels has been quite an experience for me, a truly adventurous one I must say. There's so much talent, creativity and passion exhibited and wholly immersed in these builds, which is completely stunning. Its a shame that just few people are attracted to these Minecraft projects, little wonder the need for more awareness and enlightenment. Most people might not be interested initially but with just a view, this idea and perspective would be eroded which is why I think it would be helpful if contestants can share their posts on Facebook or Twitter as well. I'm also interested in learning about using these ads on Facebook for promotion and advertising expect I don't know how those work. In all, I believe advertising the beauty of these projects is a collective effort for everyone who are genuinely interested in this initiative. Thanks once more

08.05.2021 22:43

Felicidades a todos . Todos somos ganadores porque hemos aprendido y seguido el proceso gracias a steemit por tanto

09.05.2021 01:58

This is very good. Congratulations to all the winners

09.05.2021 10:41

Thanks for your suport and information 🙏🏻

11.05.2021 12:50

Hello, allow me to take part in this contest again, I hope the articles I write meet the contest criteria. Thank you

14.05.2021 10:25

Hello, here I leave my participation, I hope it is not too late, I had a fatal week and I could not be active in steemit for almost the whole week.

15.05.2021 03:25