Build the Earth Construction Hunt #3 - A Contest for Builders and Viewers (95 Steem in rewards)(5/1/2021 - 5/8/2021)

Hello everyone! In this week's construction hunt, two submissions were made. While the number of entries was a little disappointing, both posts were quite well done, and the rewards for first place in next week's contest will now include what would have gone to third place this week (so 60 Steem). In this post, I will be discussing the winners, the contest rules (please read them even if you are returning because I have added a new rule), and the community's stats for those of you who are interested. I'm sorry the post is late, I had a lot of homework to do yesterday because it was the last week of classes for the semester. Now, let's discuss the winners!

Winners of Construction Hunt in week #2

Second place

For second place, I decided to pick @franklin.tsosa's post discussing several theme park builds in Minecraft. The post included some really cool builds, but some of them were not from the Build the Earth project. That being said, the post was still really well thought out.

Reward: 25 Steem Power

First Place

For first place, I have selected @intansariritonga's post discussing several builds throughout New Jersey. This post was really cool for me because some of the places discussed (such as Palmer Square in Princeton) are right near my campus, and I have visited them several times. The post also featured other builds from other parts of the world.

Reward: 50 Steem Power and two $7 facebook ads



Disclaimer: Both of these posts were valid posts (and rewarded therefore), but I think the discussion of so many builds is a little distracting, so I am adding a rule about this. Please make sure to read the updated rules!

The Contest

The Build the Earth Construction Hunt is all about finding the best builds from the Build the Earth project. If you are participating in the project, you are welcome to submit one of your own builds! If you are not participating, I invite you to curate the wide selection of builds that are out there! You can find videos and photos from creators all across social media. Just make sure it is from the Build the Earth project. The object of the contest is to create an article that portrays one of these builds in a way that is attractive to viewers both outside and inside of the Steem ecosystem.

Keep in mind that the quality of the build is important, but much more important is the quality of the article. The rewards will consist of:

1st Place - 60 Steem Power (and two $7 facebook ads)
2nd Place - 25 Steem Power
3rd Place - 10 Steem Power

I reserve the right to not select winners if I do not deem the content adequate
I will be powering up the rewards to the winner's accounts

Facebook and other social media

In addition to this community, I have launched a facebook page for the Build the Earth community. I will be sharing the most attractive articles to that facebook page, and will be purchasing an ad for the 1st place article using a portion of the liquid portion of this article's rewards (the rest will go towards future ads and prizes). Please help me by following the page, and liking and sharing the posts.

The goal is to naturally reach people already participating in the Build the Earth project. So if you are using another creator's content from a different platform, it would be HIGHLY beneficial for you to leave a meaningful comment that informs them that you've decided to write about their build with a link to your article.

The Rules

  • Posts MUST be in decent English
  • Other information may be included to provide context and background to the build, but the topic of the post MUST be a Minecraft build in the Build the Earth project.
  • If a post discusses multiple builds, they should be related to one another (and to the Build the Earth project), and therefore cohesive in the flow of the article.
  • Posts MUST be at least 400 words
  • Posts MUST be well-formatted.
  • Posts MUST not use any offensive or vulgar language.
  • Posts MUST be in The Build the Earth Community.
  • Posts MUST be Steem exclusive.
  • Posts MUST link to information about the build being discussed and full credit must be given to the actual builders.
  • Only one article per user can be submitted, and to be counted as a submission, a link MUST be commented on THIS POST.
  • Submissions after 11am EDT on May 8th will not be accepted, and the winners will be announced later in the day.

Resources to use

I know a lot of people were confused last week about what Build the Earth is, so I am now listing some of their pages for users to visit. To those confused, if you aren't participating in the project, you should find a Build on one of these pages, or from another participant in the Build the Earth project and write your own original post about the build. As I find more teams' accounts, I will add them to this list.

Group Name YouTube Facebook Instagram
Build the Earth channel page profile
Alps channel n/a profile
Canada n/a n/a profile
Colombia, Venezuela, and Ecuador channel n/a profile
France channel page profile
Germany channel n/a profile
Italy channel n/a profile
New Jersey channel n/a profile
Oceania channel n/a profile
Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Kentucky n/a n/a profile
Romania channel n/a profile
Theme Parks channel n/a profile
United Kingdom channel n/a profile

Community Growth and Facebook Growth

For those of you who have stuck around, the community picked up 32 new subscribers this week on Steem, and gained 6 followers on Facebook. Here are the overall stats:





Sadly, participation definitely took a dive this week. I will be updating the post title to include the amount of rewards available for the contest, and posting a few articles in the community this week. I might also write a sample post for this contest so that users can better understand what I am looking for. The goal is definitely to get some more members to this community either interested in, or participating in the Build the Earth project.

Ad Stats

I am not sure of what to make of the stats for the ads I bought. In regards to link clicks, it reached way more people, and there were definitely more link clicks, but it is hard to tell whether the click is a click that mattered or not. Overall, the $7 dollar engagement ad I purchased for @ruzmaira's post did not do as well as I had hoped. I am not sure if it was because I spent less money, or if it was something to do with the thumbnail or description I wrote. Whatever the case, I am going to continue advertising engagement then link clinks and see how it does. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know!


For those of you curious about the demographics I set up for the ad, here is the target audience I used:

Ad details.PNG

Again, I think this advertising idea is in Steem's best interest, and recommend that community owners consider setting up a facebook page. Advertising your community's posts is a great way to attract people to Steem.


Thanks for reading this! And thank you for supporting this contest! The liquid portion of this posts rewards will go towards funding future contests. I also invite anyone interested to participate, or invite others to participate. Let's grow, grow, and grow some more! Have an awesome day!

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I took these photos of Palmer Square when I was killing time walking around town during one of your college visits. May 16, 2019.





02.05.2021 21:40

I got lost in the second contest where I was that I did not realize, can I participate in this contest?

03.05.2021 02:24

Yes, you are allowed to participate again each week!

03.05.2021 13:42

thank you very much . but I feel like I can do better. you can upload a sample post for this 3 # contest. thanks again and success . I will share your publications on my social networks.

03.05.2021 02:33

I will work on that soon! Thank you so much for your support!

03.05.2021 13:42

gracias a ti por tomarme en cuenta hare lo que este en mis manos por ayudar a que la comunidad cresca

03.05.2021 18:00

Thanks for your suport and information, pleas allow me to enter this contest again in week three. Thank you

03.05.2021 14:44

Of course. You are allowed to submit 1 new post for each contest.

03.05.2021 14:50

Thank you, i am so happy can discussion about Build the Earth

03.05.2021 15:01

I find it very interesting all this you are doing my friend @cmp2020 I am learning little by little about what they do in this community #BuildtheEarth and I hope to participate soon.

03.05.2021 17:20

I look forward to seeing your work!

03.05.2021 20:56


05.05.2021 00:32

Congratulations to the winners! And a big thank you to @cmp2020 for this commendable Initiative. Here is my entry to the contest thus:

I'm glad to participate! Thanks once more

05.05.2021 02:50

Hello friend, here I leave you my participation.
Build the Earth

07.05.2021 01:41

Aquí mi presentación, @cmp2020 espero esta tarea, si sea el trabajo solicitado.

07.05.2021 19:51