being continually fooled into polarities

If you want to understand anything about the world and the game it is understand about being fooled into the binaries, the polarities, the yes or no / right or wrong / good vs. evil all around you.

It is a set-up. All philosophers from Lao Tzu to Nietszche have understood this. It is the principle of economics and war as well, separate the classes and the races and have them eternally duel each other.

The truth is that there should always be a variegated equality and anonymity in life, meaning there is space and opportunity for all-kinds. It is always thru fear and the will to dominate that this is perpetually destroyed.

Don’t be a victim of the axis psychology, of convinced there is a finite game to rule, there is not, the game is infinite and eternal, that is why the principles such as hope, love, and humanity can never be completely conquered,

they are abstracts that exist outside of space and time.

Peace @clumsysilverdad

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Agree, people love a "this or that" situation, but it is rarely if ever that clear.

02.08.2019 02:09

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