Greta Thunberg hates the indigenous poor

Sum kid got a platform. Normally no1 caers abt wat sum 16 years age kid has 2 say. OK environment is bad and feels bad as she dose. Tell us to look at science - okay so where magic carbon neutral or carbin negtative science at? Magic fairy dust will make it? Farking krak up.
Sum white kids from rich countries worry about the world 20 years later. Porverty ppl gotta worry about the world 20 hours from now when they hungry again. We indigenous community hav 2 hold up getting all the mod cons cos this lil kid got them first and they all out at the environment store? Nah kiddo. You first eh.
See zerohedge talking about how country must get out of poverty before their economy seprates from being corelayteed to carbin emmissions. So keep the poor poor so whitey girl gets here yachts and plain rides.
Farking respecc 4 the elders too. May your descendants judge this kid as kindly as she judge hers.
Maybe Disney need issue Greta princess the Prince magic science man to make her dream cum truth.

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