How To Get an Upvote With Your DEC!

Hi all! I am here showing you how to get a upvote on one of your new Splinterlands good quality posts here! The minimum to send is 100 DEC and the maximum is 10K DEC. I accidentally sent them here 20K but they sent it back to me and then I re bid on that post, lol! So Minimum is 100DEC and maximum is 10K DEC to send them! I had just transferred 20K from steem-engine so that is where I got careless. This upvote bot works great! Check it out here-

Also, make sure to vote for yabapmatt as witness in there! keep notice for the next Splinterlands facebook and Telegram update post that Steemmonsters will post soon- you can win a 10K DEC upvote from me there! I am going to use 10K DEC and upvote the best post shown in the comments! Get in the game now!

Don't foget to get your daily quest completed for free rewards cards!
If you are interested and have not started playing Splinterlands yet- the best game on the STEEM blockchain let me know and I will send you a free starter set to try it out!

Splinterlands is going to the moon! Let's all go there together!
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See you all on the battlefield! Get in the game now!
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May the Monsters be with you.Chris Love @clove71Splinterlands Rep.


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Comments 12

Nicely explained! Dec worth usable :) Shill your bags.

08.07.2019 06:20

YES! I love the upvote bot!! :-)

08.07.2019 15:45

Hi Ma'am,

I heard a lot about Splinterlands but I never tried this out even I purchased SPT for just like holding. I have to play this out but I don't have Starter Pack.

08.07.2019 12:18

Hi there! Can you message me in Discord or Telegram- FB, etc? - I have to give you a private message there so no one else can see the starter set promo code I will send you! :-) Let me know when and where you messaged me so I will check it right away!

08.07.2019 15:44

Yeah, please gimme your discord name?

Mine is iKrah#3393

08.07.2019 15:47


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08.07.2019 15:49

I just sent you a message :)

08.07.2019 15:50

Have fun playing! Under the battle tab there is a how to play button make sure to read all the abilities so you will know card placement which is important! You want a strong tank up front and then build a strong “wall” with strong cards up front and on the end! Put weaker cards in the middle to protect them! 👍👍

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08.07.2019 16:24

Thanks for the instruction. however, it is now much more interesting for me to use the DEC to buy orbs.


08.07.2019 12:32

Oh I am with you 100%!!! I just made another video- 10 ways -how to make money in splinterlands and that is in there- to use your DEC- buy potions -packs, etc. most definitely! Some people want other things though- I want all of it LOLOL!! The orbs, betas with potions- upvote bots LOl! It is all so good!

08.07.2019 15:46

¡Ay! Lástima que no hablo inglés y no entendería el video que hablas sobre las 10 formas de ganar dinero en astillas. Por cierto, ¿cómo funciona el codigo promocional que das? ¿Podría tener uno para mi papa? ¡Quiero jugar Steem Monsters!

09.07.2019 17:26

Wish I had that much dec to throw on a post, i keeping using my dec to get orbs lol

11.07.2019 02:42