Overnight in a cliff hanging bus motel

It is a hot topic as an accommodation facility built by hanging abandoned buses on a cliff in China and remodeling the inside of the bus.

According to the Global Times on the 16th, Chinese businessmen hung eight buses abandoned on a 60m-high cliff in Fuling District of Chongqing City between trees using steel structures. The buses are arranged on four floors, and the interval between each bus is about 6m.


They converted these buses into motels and presented them as exotic tourism products. Also, sofas and extra beds were placed inside each bus. Passengers can enjoy the 600m cliff view through the bus window. The accommodation fee is $4 per night.

Jeong Hao, who designed the motel, emphasized, “The steel structure that supports the buses underneath is very sturdy, so there is no need to worry about safety.”

The extraordinary clifftop bus motel is in the final stages of completion. And It has not yet received its first guests.

The news of the opening of a unique accommodation facility in Chongqing spread rapidly on social media. And it has become a hot topic with various responses from people. People responded that the adventure in China is beyond imagination. Also there are many abandoned buses in our neighborhood, and it would be good to use it like that.

Chongqing, China, is known as a city where many artists in China take on creative challenges due to the combination of mountainous terrain and city. Even among young people seeking fun, it is gaining spotlight as a city of adventure.

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