It looks like AirPods Pro, the third-generation real thing leaked!

Airpods third generation

According to market research firm Strategy Analytics, global wireless earphone sales exceeded 300 million units in 2020. It is also a proof that it has established itself as a mainstream in the market.

When it comes to completely wireless earphones, Apple AirPods cannot be left out. It still maintains the number one position in the market, but its market share is decreasing as competition with manufacturers such as Samsung, Xiaomi, and Huawei intensifies. Since it is optimized for iOS devices rather than Android and is mainly composed of premium lineups, it is a situation that continues to lose its share in the mid- to low-end market.

Under such circumstances, Chinese media 52AUDIO leak the third generation of AirPods. The most eye-catching thing is that third generation airpods has a kernel-type design. The eartips resemble the AirPods Pro, which fit snugly into your ears.


What’s the differences?

The public opinion is that the 3rd generation AirPods will be a semi-kernel-type design that combines the features of AirPods Pro at the price of the 1st and 2nd generation. Active noise canceling was excluded due to price issues. However, the stem at the bottom of the earbuds is shortened and the body is thicker, so the tentative name of AirPods Pro Lite fits well in terms of design.

The question is whether or not the level of noise blocking is possible in the third generation of AirPods. Passive noise canceling is possible. But if ANC is omitted, noise blocking will inevitably be lower than AirPods Pro. Instead, it is different from the previous work by supporting a spatial audio function.

If it comes out like this, it will be very regrettable for consumers who prefer the open type. However, from Apple’s point of view, this choice seems to have been inevitable. Because it must provide a purchase factor that people want to change from the 1st and 2nd generation to the 3rd generation.

The estimated price for the 3rd generation AirPods is $149 in the US, but considering that the AirPods Pro is $249, it is definitely relatively inexpensive. The key is whether the new airpods has wireless charging function. According to rumors, you can meet new one in March.

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