First Airbnb at 40, a story that led to marriage to a 26 years older host


The first Airbnb reservations in their lives changed their lives.

After being single for three years, Angie was plagued with fears that she would never meet her lifelong partner. After contemplating the situation where she could not hold a birthday party due to Corona 19, she decided to present herself a 2-night accommodation trip to commemorate her 40th birthday. I booked an Airbnb accommodation that was about 30 minutes away from my home in Florida, USA. Enzy, who was first using the accommodation sharing service Airbnb, didn’t even imagine that until booked, this event would be her life-changing experience.

She stayed at the home of a 67-year-old male host named Denis Wesh. After three months of love, they fell in love. Angie told The Mirror news agency that she was about to let go of hope because she thought she would never find a spouse for her life. She may sound cliché, but Dennis added that he transformed my whole life and treats me like a princess.

However, the relationship between the two was not easily established from the beginning. Dennis rejected the reservation, thinking that Angie’s Airbnb reservation was planning a party that violated the Corona 19 rules. Luckily, he accepted her reservation after finding out what he was doing, and prepared a surprise birthday present and tequila for Angie.

The two shared a deep love for old-school hip-hop and rock music, and soon they began to feel that the age difference of 26 was just a number and shared enough similarities with each other.

Dennis proposed to her under the sunset three months after meeting Angie.

Angie’s parents, aged 63 and 59, supported her decision. It is said that he jokingly mentioned that the 33-year-old Dennis’ son and Enzy were of similar age.

To those who criticize the age gap of 26, she said, “I just want to tell you’live and let live’. If you are in love, you should never let your age block true happiness and love.”

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