Effective toy organizing guidelines.

It is a world full of toy gifts as children are precious. The interest and love of mothers and fathers as well as relatives in the family are brought into gifts, and these days children live in abundance of toys.

However, toys that fill the whole house slow to realize the value of things. It shortens the time to focus on one play, while continuing to keep a glance at other toys, increasing the time to eat, dress, and complete other tasks endlessly. Along with that, the anxiety and nagging of parents increase. Eventually, the abundance of toys puts parents and children in a flood of problems. In order not to fall into this problem, planned and strategic toy management is necessary.

Decide when you can buy toys

Become a child who develops patience and endures frustration. “Mom and Dad plan in advance where to spend the money. To buy something that isn’t in your plan, you need time to think and plan again. I try to buy expensive toys only on special occasions. It’s like a birthday or anniversary. Let’s make a plan according to the situation of the family and put it into practice, such as “I will only buy a toy for less than KRW 00 once a month.” It might not work out the first time. Let’s have the joy of waiting together by checking the day to receive the toy on the calendar. Let your children empathize with their regrets until it goes well, and express their gratitude in a specific and rich manner for the actions that have been well-waited. “Thank you so much for waiting well as planned.” In the process, you learn patience by imagining what you want, and sometimes you learn that you don’t get all that you want.

Change the appropriate amount of toys periodically and display them.
Become a child who is good at choosing and organizing. When there are a lot of toys that stand out, a lot of them are put down on the floor to play, and after they are all played, a war for organizing may be fought. Discuss the appropriate number with your child, and place the unselected items in a box or invisible cabinet and replace them regularly. This gives them choices and gives them confidence in organizing. Also, as a bonus, you get the freshness of a new toy you took out after a long time.


Let’s make child get interested in social work

Become a child with high self-esteem who knows the joy of achievement. You will experience a thrilling sense of accomplishment in doing errands for your family, organizing the front door, caring for pets, organizing things, and giving your family anniversaries with the money you saved. . A sense of accomplishment leads to greater happiness by breaking the obsession with toys.

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