Coffee’s side effect & usages of used coffee grounds


Side effect of Coffee

If you drinks coffee too much, It is possible to get side effects. It can be mentally sensitive and, in severe cases, can lead to acute neurosis or long-term anxiety. If you experience any of the following side effects, you may want to reduce your coffee consumption for the time being.

  1. If you have a headache if you don’t drink coffee
    Caffeine narrows your blood vessels, but if you don’t drink coffee, your blood vessels can grow and cause headaches.
  2. You urinate frequently or have difficulty controlling your bladder. Caffeine is a diuretic and irritates the bladder.
  3. If your muscles are trembling
    Drinking too much coffee can lead to neurological problems, and the starting point is mainly shaking hands.
  4. If you suffer from insomnia. Caffeine can interfere with sleep.
  5. If you suffer from feelings of anxiety or anxiety. Caffeine causes anxiety and anxiety.

Usages of used coffee grounds

  1. Deodorant and fragrance
    It acts as a deodorant when dried and placed in an odorous place.
  2. manure
    Coffee grounds are high in minerals and protein. You can mix only 10% of the amount of soil and use it as a fertilizer substitute.
  3. Skin beauty
    Mix it with honey or olive oil and wash your face to help.
  4. Rust removal
    You can get rid of rust by putting coffee grounds on a towel and rubbing it on a metal appliance used in the kitchen.

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