Amazing advanced features applied to IONIQ 5 – interior

E-GMP platform

Hyundai Motor Company’s electric vehicle platform E-GMP is applied to Ioniq 5. Due to this, the interior design of the IONIQ 5 differs from the interior of the internal combustion locomotive that we have seen so far.

The wheelbase is very long as the bottom is flat and there is no engine. Thanks to this, the interior space is very large and the space utilization is excellent. As a result, the center tunnel disappeared from the bottom of the vehicle. In addition, the gear lever moves to the steering wheel, making it easy to switch between the first-row driver and passenger seats.

You can freely change the position of the sheet with AVN settings. By attaching the passenger seat and the second row, parents can easily take care of their children. You can also add more space in the trunk by attaching the 2nd row to the 1st row. This is possible thanks to the flat structure inherent in electric vehicle platforms.


Universal island

The center console has completely changed its name to Universal Islands. The empty space underneath is completely open, so it’s large enough to hold a handbag or laptop. And it has with a high-speed smartphone wireless charging system at the level of 15 watts. In addition, it is possible to move in two rows. So people can use it for various purposes.

Glove box & seat

Ioniq 5’s glove box opens and closes in the form of drawers. It is designed in a convenient way to store things. The sheet is also unique. Eco-friendly materials and high-strength materials are incorporated, making it 30% thinner than the existing sheet. And it features a Relaxation Comfort Seat with an added leg rest, providing a more comfortable resting environment.

Vision roof

Ioniq 5’s sunroof is called vision roof. The entire roof is glass and the electric roll blinds can be opened or closed. You can also add a solar roof. Solar roof boasts high efficiency that extends the range of driving by up to 1500 km with solar charging.

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