Amazing advanced features applied to IONIQ 5 Ep.1

Parametric pixels

The most unique part of the Ioniq 5 exterior design is the parametric pixels. It refers to a process that is expressed according to variables and regularity based on the proposed algorithm. As you can see from the description, it is not a product that is drawn by hand. But a design result that comes out through programming.

Parametric Pixel is the differentiated design element of IONIQ 5 that embodies the smallest unit of an image, the pixel. It contains the meaning of passing through generations by fusion of analog and digital. It has been applied to IONIQ 5’s headlight, taillight, wheel design, charging port. In particular, the wheel design reflects the design of the fractal form. The wheels of the IONIQ 5 are 20 inches, and it also helps improve air resistance.


Super fast charging & V2L

IONIQ 5 has the world’s first 400 volt and 800 volt multi-fast charging system. This system utilizes the vehicle’s drive moto and inverter to multiply 400 volts supplied from the charger to 800 volts, allowing the use of a conventional fast charger. And the newly introduced ultra-fast charger is also available.

Using a 350kw super fast charger, it takes about 18 minutes to charge 80%. In particular, it boasts a fast charging speed that can drive up to 100Km with only 5 minutes of charging. In addition, when you connect the electric vehicle charging cable, authentication and payment are automatically processed. So you can start charging immediately.

Meanwhile, V2L technology enhances the driver’s lifestyle. It is a very useful technology that can supply 220V power to the outside of the vehicle. It provides 3.6kw of electricity, which is higher than that used in ordinary homes, so you can use electronic devices and electrical appliances in various environments.

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