What's the best way to promote steem to big investors ?


Of course talking about crypto, we have always to talk about bitcoin, the first ever cryptocurrency that's changed the world. It really changed the world, because it became harder for the governments to control the money of each citizen.

That's why bitcoin is always groing in the price and it still considered the best crypto asset in the world.

The biggest problem of altcoins for is that they are not stable in the price. Bitcoin is always dominating. For long term holding bitcoin maybe the best option because it's mostly groing in the price. So, people who know about that, they prefer to hold bitcoin instead of buying any altcoin.

That was a thesis to understand why investors are not investing that much in alcoins even if a lot of them are much better in term of transactions speed, creating applications in them and smart contracts.

Of course the price is the most important part. So, as steemians and supporters for our altcoin, what we should do ?

I think we have to explain why the alcoins could be better. But, it will be really hard to do so to bitcoin holders.

The best option in this case, is to promote steem among investors who are having asset in fiat. We should also have an exchanger with the pair fiat / steem ! So, when they look at the price, they look only to fiat chart without looking at bitcoin chart. Do you know such tool ?

But with promoting steem, I think not the return of the investment is the most important, but the technology. We don't have to talk about the future price of steem, because it may not grow and even if an investor is familiar with bitcoin should know that he is investing in an innovation that he should use himself, so he will have to curate and maybe even create conent. I don't think any big investors will do that.

So, the only way is to explain his about automation and he can just set the automatic vote to active accounts here and earn a passive income. That way we can help our favorite creators here and they will be happier about steem. Or we tell the investor to delegate to us and curate ourselves and send him the return ?

We need to have a really good presentation to show the most valuable way to earn good interests.

Those are just thoughts, but I need to share them to understnad the opion of the community.

What do you think, what's the best way to promote steem among big investors ?

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21.07.2019 10:03

We should also inform people that it's a longtime investment. Many come in search of a get rich scheme and feel disappointed after a few weeks.

21.07.2019 04:51

Yeah, we shouldn't tell them that they can be rich quickly, that can be a very long term investment.

21.07.2019 10:04

I agreed. Promote to only those who have FIAT to invest and stay calm. This way they can not only mine the STEEM but earning alot just by staking.

21.07.2019 05:36

You are right, because if they see that the price is always going down in bitcoin, they may move from steem to bitcoin.

21.07.2019 10:03

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It's a pleasure!

22.07.2019 19:32