Interviewing my wife about veganism ! - Dtube version !

I don't usually share the same video in both plaforms, but this time, I'm doing it, to support my wife and to spread her ideas.

She is not that active in steem because she is busy with our baby and I'm really thankful to her.

She is the reason why I'm active in steem, because she always care about the house.

I also try to help her sometimes, but having so many works, it's hard sometimes.

Even though, I buy everything needed for home, I also clean the clothes and stay with the baby when she's busy.

In this video I interviewed her about veganism and that went really well.

Enjoy watching now on youtube and dtube if you didn't wantch yet on 3speak.

You can also follow her in steemit here : @steemibaby.

> I'm not sure if she will be active or not, but maybe someday.

You can also subscribe to her vegan youtube channels here : ''Russian Vegan Girl''

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High five to your vegan wife! I did a 6 month vegan challenge and it really opened up my eyes to so much that is going on in the world behind closed doors. I lost a ton of weight and got extremely healthy in those 6 months, it's definitely the healthiest diet/lifestyle. Much respect for anyone who can do it forever.

30.08.2019 14:01

Thanks a lot. I'm glad you're positive about it. We need such people to support us.

30.08.2019 14:09

I would honestly stay vegan but we don't have any vegan options around us so it makes life incredibly hard. We have no vegan restaurants or even vegan options at restaurants in our area so we weren't able to go out to eat for those 6 months, which isn't the end of the world but makes it hard to spend time with friends. Another big obstacle for us is the 100 mile drive we have to make to get to a vegan friendly grocery store (whole foods) and the fact that I am such a picky eater I only ate about 10 different meals that entire 6 months LoL. Even though I stopped being vegan I am still a vegetarian and I am more conscious than ever before of the animal products I ingest. Hopefully one day there will be more vegan options and I can give it a try again because I do realize how incredibly important veganism is.. Thanks for being awesome and doing what I can't do! You Rock! :0)

01.09.2019 16:55

When my fiance explains the different reason why to be vegan; what I have noticed the most convincing fact is the reverse aging stuff. People want to feel younger. When my fiance asks them, how old do you think I am? They say 35, 38 no more than that. They become astonished when the answer is 53. In our society, asking a woman to reveal her true age is like a tabu. We don't mind, that's when they pay attention to it.

17.09.2019 19:13

Thanks a lot. You're right, veganism helps us looking much younger. I'm glad you know that. ☺

17.09.2019 19:42