Interviewing @starkerz - The founder of @oracle-d & The leader of @threespeak !

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In this video I interviewed @starkerz , the founder of @oracle-d and the leader in @threespeak.

The video is edited to be uploaded in : is to build online and offline communities using blockchain technology. is to provide deplatformed content creators with a new censorship free video.

@starkerz is also a member of the delegation committee of Steemit Inc.

He shared in the video how he joined steem, what he thinks about it.

He talked as well about his skills and how he's implementing them to be useful to steem.

He also gave very good tips about how to grow and improve in our blockchain.

Supporting to make onboarding on steem much easier.

Check the website here :

Partnering with Football Academy project @agfacademy.

Check the website here :

The team also supported #promo-steem tag to inspire steemians to promote steem.

Thy have also @dapplovers to support applications built on steem blockchain.

And they are doing a lot of presentations offline to promote steem to the world.

Check Oracle-d youtube channel here : Oracle-d Youtube Channel

For support, join : Oracle-d discord server and 3spek discord server

Enjoy watching the interview.

Stay tuned for more interviews from me. ☺

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interesting interview. they are doing a good job here.

02.08.2019 17:58

Yeah, of course, thanks for watching.

02.08.2019 18:14

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