A little guide to a newcomer to steem !


In this post I want to write a little guide to newcomers who just joined steem.

First of all, when you login to your wallet, you will find there ''Keys & Permissions'', you will find all your keys there.

  • The best one to use is the posting key. Because it will not let anyone to touch your funds. That's only for posting.
  • In steem we have a lot of applications and you can use the posting key to access them.
  • Most of them work with steemconnect.com and that's a safe website to use as well.
  • Now, you know how to access to those applications and to earn a bit from them.

You can find them all here : https://steemapps.com/

I recommend to start with : busy to post articles, esteem to post from your phone, actifit in case you want to earn from walking and running, dsound for music and podcasts, steempress in case you have a website on wordpress, dtube or 3speak for videos, utopian in case you're a developer, steemauto in case you want to automate your upvote, fundition in case you want to create a project.

You can also install keychain, you will find that here : Steem Keychain and check all the tokens we have on : https://steem-engine.com/

With those tokens you can also earn some steem by posting in some of tribes there. That means also websites related to steem. To be able to post in them, you have just to find out the tag of that tribe. For example to post in https://www.palnet.io/ and earn pal coin that you can convert into steem, you need to use #palnet tag in your post. And there are more tokens you can find in steem-engine.

In case you want to use more tags, you can always use : https://busy.org/ , it allows 12 tags, not like in steemit where you can use only 5.

I think for the begging is more than enough for you.

Don't forget as well to register in https://discordapp.com/ , because a lot of communities are creating servers there, where you can get in touch with everyone and get some support if you want. ( Some communities share their link in posts, for example here is the server of @dcooperation community : https://discord.gg/efkw3xK )

I wish you all the best in steem blockchain. ☺


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08.11.2019 05:41

Nice post bro. I've been running a series where I simplified the process for people new on the platform. Is it okay if I dropped the link here?

08.11.2019 09:14

Thanks for the comment. I think people will move to your profile to learn about that in case they see your comment.

08.11.2019 09:51

Hi! Yes, it is very useful post for me as the beginner Steemian.

08.11.2019 10:04

That's great. I'm glad you like it.

08.11.2019 10:15