4 or 13 ?


It's an interesting question, do you prefer the current system with 13 weeks power down, or you think it will be better if we move to 4 weeks power down ?

I support the 4 week power down, because I think it will be easier for investors to give a try to steem. They will join and if they will not like, they can take back their money. And it's for us to do our best to make it like it here instead of investing in an other blockchain. That will motivate all of us to be better in everything we do in steem.

Also, 13 weeks in crypto is a long time. You know how things change fast and how the price is jumping. That's why investors will be afraid to lock their money for 13 weeks and that's about 3 months. But, 4 weeks is only a month and I think with it we will see more investors in steem and the price will grow.

I think people if they want to leave or they need money, they will power down anyway, even if we set it 100 weeks. The problem I think is not in powering down, but in the dedication. A lot of steemians are powering down, but it doens't mean they are leaving. There are curation projects for example, they don't create content, but earn only from curation reward and powering down. There are applications doing the same. Even communities. Maybe that's their income, but it doesn't mean that they are not useful for the blockchain.

I also see that more than 19 million steem power was used to support the proposal of 4 weeks. That means a lot of steemians are supporting that. You can check it here and vote on it if you like : HF Proposal: Vote to Reduce Power Down Period to 4 Weeksstarted

I see that a lot of steemians are also supporting that in the comments here : Feedback Wanted: 4 Week Power Down , so if you didn't yet leave your feedback, try to leave it there or just vote.

I will tell my opinion about some comments :

For example @theycallmedan proposed the following idea :

... to instantly power down + burn 5%

I like the idea, but I think it's too risky fr hacked accounts.

I like the most this idea from @whatageek :

If you want to take it out early you need to burn 1-2% or wait the 13 weeks.

I think it's a perfect solution, so everybody will be free and they will choose what they like more and burning 1 or 2% is not a lot.

I also like what @midlet said :

I don't want a nanny system "protecting" my money when it's obviously more a mechanism to control volatility and "lock you in".

I think as investors we like to see our money not that controled.

I like also what @tonytrillions wrote. He wrote 7 reasons why the 4 week powerdown is better, you can read that here : I am strongly supporting this Power Down Notion..

I would like to say in the end, you are free with your decision if you have to vote on that or not. Try to read most comments under @steemitblog 's post and you will understand what you like more.

I would like also to create a poll in twitter, please if you're active there promoting steem, participate in it :

[Here is the pollin twitter

Let's wish all the best for steem !


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Even i believe that 4 week should be the perfect approach in this way we can attract more investor's to join in to steem block chain.

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23.01.2020 05:04

Of course.

23.01.2020 13:48

4 weeks would be good for investors but some steemians abuse it. Anyway let's see what happened....

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23.01.2020 07:33

Investors? You probably mean milkers. Even more people would abuse it.

For example:
Someone would invest $1000 USD into Steem, then he/she would power it up, then he/she would upvote things for 1 month, then he/she would Power down and leave the Steem blockchain. So, more people would come for the quick money earning (milking) opportunity. Will that be good? I do not think so.
That would not increase the number of the real active users on the Steem blockchain.

Real long term investors invest their money for years in real life.
I think that if you really believe in the Steem blockchain, then a 13 weeks power down period is not so long. Only approximately 3 months.

23.01.2020 13:29

You are absolutely right.

24.01.2020 04:58

I prefer the 4 weeks. 13 weeks is a lot of time to wait; price could fall if one wanted powering down to trade.

23.01.2020 14:08

Going all in steem advocating for the 4 week power down proposal.
With the verification of the proposal I am going to power up even more and that flys without saying.
Those who are against that might as well need to be reminded that steemit is a decentralised blockchain.

If you can't beat them, join them

  • Wiseman

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23.01.2020 14:30

4 i prefer

28.01.2020 09:13