The CTP Update - The False Narratives Of Affiliate Marketing

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ClickTrackProfit comes from a very unique side of the affiliate marketing space...

At one time, our 'niche' was a thriving industry and all was well until the 'PayPal slap'...Or that's the popular narrative at least.

Now you hear things like;

"There is no more money..."

"No one buys anything..."

"There is no innovation..."

Usually coming from the people that never made any money, bought anything or embraced new technology...

So this post is to highlight...A few opportunities as well as showcase how CTP members are not falling into the false narrative of affiliate marketing...

CTP Members Are Making Money

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This quick little graphic highlights the commissions we paid out last week to members around the world. And here's the thing about CTP...

You don't need to 'request' commissions. You don't need to send in a support ticket to get paid...

All you need to do is make sure your Uphold wallet is linked to your CTP membership and presto...We pay you. In fact, we pay commissions every single day....

So don't believe the lies...Affiliate marketers DO make money, every single day of the year!

Members Like Erik Gustafsson (@flaxz) Are Crushing It

This latest campaign by Erik is just blowing our minds...

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How's this for a lead magnet?

Sign up to Erik's new ebook and get yourself some Steem delegation!

Pretty sweet deal huh? And a fantastic example of a savvy marketer, using and leveraging the power of community to build his mailing list. Absolutely brilliant and the ebook is pretty good too ;)

The Formula....

Want the truth?

The no holds barred, honest to goodness formula for success online...?

The Anti-Excuse Formula.png

It's the end of the decade...No more excuses!

It's time for YOU to make your online business a success in 2020...!


The 'Official' CTP Merchandise store is open for business.

The Union Is Here!

Blockchain meets Affiliate Marketing....

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I agree, we all need to be making excuses on why we need to get things done instead of why we can't get them done. A new decade is on us lets make it count.

17.12.2019 18:03

Yeah man, that's the key right....Finding our reasons why and focusing on that for the next decade!

17.12.2019 18:29

Wow thank you very much for this feature, I am deeply humbled, keep up your awesome work.

17.12.2019 18:17

Man, least I can do....You are crushing it and leading by HUGE example!

17.12.2019 18:29

The rule is still the same...

If you don't work, there is no money

Simple as that... And Erik is on the fire!!! Awesome stuff coming from him every day... (you see what I have did? )... literally awesome stuff... :)

17.12.2019 18:23


It's as simple as that really!

17.12.2019 18:29

Thank you very much Zoltan.

20.12.2019 22:21

Yes sir. It is all true. 500 SP delegation to me.

CTP is the place to be.


17.12.2019 19:01

The world needs to know ;)

18.12.2019 06:56

You deserve it Bradley.

20.12.2019 22:21

Awesome article Jon, I've just uploaded my latest offering. Wish I'd read your one first, so I could incorporate more of your ideas. Never mind, we're both threading the same needle.

19.12.2019 02:42

Amazing sir, very great features,

Some people from Indonesia don't know what is #ctp and what works there,
I think if people know that here they can shop people will start shopping here, because in my opinion, here, the prices of goods are very affordable and good items, and advice from me if #ctp is developed in Indonesia that's better. I'm one of the steemians from Indonesia, I'm willing to expand #ctp in Indonesia if that's possible

19.12.2019 16:19

@clicktrackprofit, Very empowering words for sure. We should find the solutions which will take us one step ahead instead of finding excuses which gives just Short Term Comfort. Stay blessed team.

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20.12.2019 04:03