The Comeback you might have been looking for. hope it helps you.

I believe this will make more sense to those who sense the void within themselves, or to those who have been in this trap with some frequency.

There's a time we feel like we are not understood and it feels wrong, them someone come and says:

"shouldn't you understand others first? isnt it selfish to think the way you do right now? you are not special to want everyone to understand you." this and other kinds of situations,similar ones, here's what to do.

I have been in this kind of situations, and it forced me to just bear, shut, well that's not the way it should be dealt.
in this kind of situation what we need to do is to understand ourselves, more like, understand what we really want, for example:

first we do not want everyone to understand us, sometimes we just want someone specifically, sometimes we just want the event itself;

second we ARE special, one of the primal characteristics of the human being is the difference, we are all different and so we are special;

third when will it be our time, why everytime it should be about the others and not us, THIS is wrong, SELFISHNESS it is written in our source code therefore we need to use it from time to time.

the most important thing that you should keep here, if you want to exit this reading with one thing, take this, my way of living:

Everything is a matter of perspective.

Now the Comeback:

for every event like the one i showed here, you just need say these things, and for those who think, they shall not bother you further, they will know, the comeback:

Everything you said, it is all a Recursion, think about it.

for those into programming might know about recursion, even if you are not into programming, search for it, you will see how it can be used in some events in our lives.
However as i said before, everything is a matter of perspective, even the comeback i gave up there, another perspective i can give you, and this might get the attention of the general since it is a... lets say general word:

Dilemma, more like a dilemma ready to progress.

I am sure most of you have heard and know the meaning of this word, if you think carefully about it and merge with the event you will know.

thank you for reading, and i hope this helps you.

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