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Crypto currencies attract new users, but the volatility of these systems makes people think. Major coin market, such as Btc, Eth, such as the leading projects of the market within 1 day can show quite volatility. When this is the case, people cannot use these systems to store value or send money somewhere.

On the other hand, the projects that enter the market that promise very fast transactions cannot be used by people because they are affected by decreases and btc movements. Apart from these, it is known by everyone that systems such as tether, which dominate the market, are no longer transparent. Under normal circumstances, Tether had to keep the same amount of dollars in her bank account for each printed money. Recent investigations revealed that this incident did not take place and that there were enough dollars in bank accounts to cover only 75% of the amount printed.

What Is Platinium Q DAO?

Apart from these, stable coins have never been found to be exactly equal to the price of $ 1. These projects, which were affected by market volatility, lost considerable value and damaged the users over time. The reasons for this may be the way in which the stabilcoins are secured. Some projects are directly indexed to Ethereum price, while others are secured on btc. This has led to the need for a transparent stable coin project in the market.

Platinium Q DAO is an alternative stable system that the market needs. Unlike other projects, in the Platinium Q DAO system, users can create stable systems on the systems of their own choice, except for the types of guarantees defined by the project. This system, which is very transparent, increases the usability rate with the stability of the project price and the increasing number of users over time.

How to Use the Platinium Q DAO System

First of all, the user must load the asset in the wallet of his choice as collateral. The total amount of the asset is calculated by the value determination system which is started automatically by smart contracts. In the following stages, the user should determine the risk and withdrawal rate. In this system, users result in the cancellation of the account in case of loss of value of the collateral asset and return of the generated QDa tokens to the collateral amount. With this system called risk ratio, stable assets are protected before the collateral asset reaches 0 value.

Advantages of Platinium Q DAO System

  • This system can be fixed to any digital or fiat currencies created. With the recently introduced Q Krw, stable systems can be fixed directly to the Japanese new value. In this way, stable systems can be created in emerging markets or currencies. These projects can be transferred from one place to another.
  • Platinium Q DAO is a stable system. If any asset is over traded and volatility increases, alternative ways are offered to the users. Users can buy these stable assets in the secondary markets and sell them in the main market. Thanks to the market price protected by an advanced system, 1 token can always be calculated in 1 dollar or 1 krw.
  • In any case, users may place a limit on the collateral asset for attack or theft. In this way, if any person infiltrates your account or the collateral is destroyed, your money will remain safe to a certain extent. These digital coins are automatically converted through Q dao.
  • Supported by artificial intelligence systems, the project is equipped with an artificial intelligence system created based on brain nerve endings. This system shows you the high volatil movements on the collateral asset in advance and warns you to take precautions in advance.
  • Another advantage of the project is the community management system called dao. In this system, decisions are made directly by the community rather than by project managers. Any ideas rejected by the community and rejected are not implemented within the Q dao system. Investors are entitled to the community according to the number of tokens they hold. In this way, a certain rank mechanism is created within the community. In some cases, people who are selected from the community and who have mastered the project have the authority to decide on the project for quick decision making.
  • Users can procure the project from stock markets, which are primary markets. Miners can also benefit the platform by digging tokens, rewarding them with Q Dao. The team has created a very fast and useful system and aims to increase the security of more and more miners in the platform.

Last Words

The Platinium Q DAO project has a system that has received full points from renowned analytics sites and renowned developers. The team, which has recently launched the Q Usd system in addition to Q Krw, aims to incorporate alternative fiat currencies such as JpyQ, HkdQ in the near future.

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USDQ project is a need for market as stable coin . There will be much more stable coins around markets to lower down the general volatility of market .

05.08.2019 10:42

Stable coins form different perceptions in the cryptocurrency market. But risk can be an important option for those who do not tolerate it. The Platinum project is one of the projects to be followed in this sense.

05.08.2019 17:12

The Platinium Q DAO project has a system that has received full points from renowned analytics sites and renowned developers.

05.08.2019 19:59

Obtaining a completely stable coin is a brilliant move if it will be a reality. I want to see this in action.

07.08.2019 08:49

Platinum Q DAO combines artificial intelligence technology and blockchain

07.08.2019 21:02

USDQ would keep the balance between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. USDQ brings alternative routes for investors.

08.08.2019 14:09

The Platinium Q DAO task has a framework that has gotten full focuses from famous examination destinations and prestigious designers.

16.08.2019 13:08

Unlike other projects, in the Platinium Q DAO system, users can create stable systems on the systems of their own choice, except for the types of guarantees defined by the project. This is very interesting. A new perspective has been offered on stable coins.

23.08.2019 21:47

It is a very important work towards decreasing the volatility in the market. Its importance will be understood in the future.

25.08.2019 14:21