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Crypto technology is developing with each passing day with the participation of countries such as China. While many projects offer relevant ideas, large companies are investing in this technology. Recently big e-commerce giants and software companies have been trying to secure their future by investing in these technologies. The world's largest e-commerce giants are researching these issues and trying to incorporate their technologies into the blockchain ecosystem.

In today's cities, where every device is connected to each other and operated comfortably, cities have no share. Most metropolises and giant industries are in a difficult situation due to lack of infrastructure. If we think that humanity's population will increase in time, smart cities can become a part of the future. The Citios team, which has been producing projects for a long time, has carried out a detailed study on this subject. In this study, infrastructure and street lights were also mentioned.

Why is the Citios Project Important?

Citios consists of a network that connects each component in the cities. With this technology, which is powered by artificial intelligence technology, information can be collected by examining each component in the city one by one. It creates a system in which a different analysis structure will be created for each city and especially the governments will act within this information. With this system, reports are prepared taking into consideration the most adverse conditions in the movements that will occur in the city.

Citios Project Which Areas can be used.

Infrastructure Issues

It is very difficult to adapt to the growing and growing population, especially in the growing and developed metropolises. Over time, the infrastructure of cities cannot meet the needs of the human population. In this case, the Autonomous IoT technology, which collects information via the Mess interface, transmits this data to the necessary people. This Autonomous IoT technology eliminates the human impact within the systems and ensures that the processes are fully automated.

IoT technology

For example, a person working as a dam cover officer cannot open the dam covers in case of a flood because he first thinks of his acquaintances and their relatives living in the dam area. In this case, it performs its actions completely in accordance with its psychological factors. However, the Citioz Sensor Networks system provides early warning to the whole city and ensures timely action. With BU Sensor Networks, data is analyzed and action is taken before events occur

Street Lights

With the AI ​​Camera system designed by Citios team, any movement that occurs on the streets is easily monitored. The AI ​​Camera system consists of a fully patented system designed by the Citioz team. With the Solar Energy system, which generates the energy it needs, a system that operates 24/7, is created in a completely environment-friendly manner and without the need for an electricity grid. The data obtained is transmitted to the parties by means of the Micropayment method, and by performing these operations, the persons can have the current data. 100% security is ensured in the city with these street lights that create data analyzes by scanning multiple objects at the same time. With these street lights, the necessary security forces are notified before the crimes occur and a quick solution is provided.

Natural disasters

Most natural disasters are inadequate at the time of disaster. Often, in such cases, there is a chaos in countries where there is no crisis table and communication comes to a halt with the interruption of electricity. With this system developed with solar panel system, energy loss is not experienced and especially in floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, people get help and data is sent to the states.

Last Words

This project, which is carried out by a team of experts in its field, has a patented system. This project, which includes iot technology, blockchain and software experts within its team, has recently been sold on Probit Stock Exchange and has achieved great success.

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