The diary game 17/10/2020. Fitness all the way.

Dafara road Abuja

ello and welcome to another episode of my diary. Saturdays have always been a day for fitness. I stay fit with various exercises every day, but I meet several people jogging when I go for my jogging on Saturdays. Before stepping out, I prayed and commit my day to the most High. I opened the gate and went towards my normal jogging route. I love leaving the house as early as 6 AM or some minutes before because I mostly jog for an hour so I wouldn't like to stay out beyond 7 AM jogging in the street.

Dafara road Abuja

After my fitness runs around, I returned home and took my bath. The early morning cold bath is always sweet especially when the sweat from the long jog is still running like tap water. The bath cooled my hot body and everywhere was intact. I then stretched my knee to reduce the heaviness I was feeling on my leg and boom, man was more alive than never.

Food was the next thing that enters my head. I need to take something. Just see me, I wasn't having anything at home to devore. It's a pity that I can't eat water. I only drank a cup full. After then did I rush to get Noddles and Egg which served as my breakfast. A friend called me after some hours to come over to his place which I honoured and from there, another waka started.

It's always good to be good says myself. The things I did in the past for some people came back to me on this same day. I was well respected, carried and presented. To say the fact, I had a full honour that I didn't expect from anyone. It was a good day so to speak. I returned home late at night with my friend and we went our separate ways. I couldn't eat anything at night because I was filled with lots of SUYA and Yoghurt.

What I did was watch some movies on my device and slept off.

Oh! My Saturday was FANTAMOGLORIOUS. (You won't find it in the dico. I originated the word long ago)

Thank you for reading my diary. It's ckole the laughing gas. One love

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