The diary game. 14/10/2020. My second diary and first in season 3.

I only posted once in the season 2 diary game and it was my introduction post. I guess season 3 is my time to stay active and get myself familiar with many things I've missed while away for some time on the steem blockchain. I'm super glad that I can once again write my second diary in the history of the game.

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As a Christian, my first obligation every morning is to praise God, adore his name, and bless his holiness for giving me the fruit of life. I always start my day with prayer because prayer is the master key. After praying, I needed to do some house chores and arrange the sitting room I scattered before going to Bed the previous day. I already had a plan for the day before it arrives. I went to the bathroom to take my bath. Thank God I don't bath with my clothes on. I'm very wise. Smiles.

I didn't eat anything in the morning before stepping out. I stopped a bike to convey me to tipper garage where I will catch a bus to town, but I first branched a friend's place to collect some things I needed where I was going.

On bike to tipper garrage, Kuje Abuja

I stayed on a spot for more than 45 Minutes before I eventually struggled to enter a car going to Wuse. It's always like that every morning especially between 7 AM and 9 AM when people are going to work. When we got to the Army check point within the Kuje area, Our driver followed another driver going towards the wrong lane trying to beat hold up. Unfortunately, The one at the front jammed a trailer and quickly maneuvered his way into the midst of the proper lane leaving our driver to face the big Truck.

Everything that happened in that scene was a coincidence. Civil defense (One of the Nigerian Armed forces) were following us and immediately they site what was happening, some of the men in Khaki came down and told our driver to reverse so the Truck could have its way, but the driver was adamant. Before we the passengers could say Jack Robbinson, we heard the sound of thunder. We thought it was about to rain, but when we looked around, everywhere was clear.

We only came to realize it was a dirty slap our driver received that sounded like thunder. With brutal anger, he packed his car and came down to challenge the Civil defenseman that slapped him. Alas! He is a Police officer. However, he was dragged away like a criminal for being adamant. I couldn't take any pics at the Army checkpoint because it's prohibited. If I try to risk it and I'm caught, I will sell Ijebu Gari in the sun without carrying any Garri on my head, so I had to respect myself. All the passengers left him and boarded another car together. It was a great scene to say the fact.

When I was returning home in the evening, I saw something like a millipede on the ground walking slowly. I've never come across that kind of species in my life. I took the picture. The creature has three colours; Yellow, blue, and green dots. It's irritating and it camouflages a lot trying to fake predators or any harmful thing from getting too close.

Millepede found on my way home

Millepede found on my way home

When I got home, I had my dinner and lied down to watch a movie before sleep took me out. This post was compiled the second day.

Hope you enjoyed my diary.

I'm just joining the game fully.

Thanks for the love.

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