Jiggly Belly

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Snore And Float

This is a man sleeping on his back and a mouse on his tummy. The room is dark and the bed is so soft and comfortable that he could not help but fall asleep while playing with his cute pet mouse. The two slept soundly until the man started to snore and breathe forcefully creating a mild push inside his belly making the poor little mouse to float on air while sleeping too. This is my interpretation of the drawing prompt for advent challenge 2019. It is jiggly belly. I thought about Santa's jelly belly while thinking of some ideas to draw but this I think looks more funny and I went for it.

I am still using the same art style and will do for the rest until I complete the challenge. I hope I get consistent and would not miss any day. I did little details on this specific entry because the bed and the blanket took most of the space and I could not add more details as this will look quite busy and cluttered. I like the result nonetheless. It was fun creating this too and took me only a few minutes to finish. How about you guys how is your advent challenge so far? I can not wait to see what you have in store for the creative community. Christmas is just around the corner that excites me even more to create more and show them to you as the challenge progresses

Hope you like my entry for today. Or perhaps it made you smile just looking at it. Thank you for reading my post . Keep steeming on and have a good day to you all my Steemit friends.

Thank you and see you again soon.

Here is the list of drawing prompts prepared by our dear friend @theithei
Advent Drawing Challenge 2019.PNG

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