Doodletrends Drawing Contest: Miner Ant

cjsean ant.png

Hi Steemians,

Deep down the dark cracks and crevices of the cave a busy creature can be heard. Clink Clank Chomp Champ Cluck. He does not seem to get tired despite the heavy task of shoveling the hard floor and walls of the cave. Mr. Miner Ant does not want to give up until he finds the most precious stones of all. As you can see he is almost there about to reach the hidden gems.

This is my entry to the Doodletrends Drawing Contest of steempampanga. We are challenged to design a character that is a miner and an ant hmmm how challenging could that get? Hope you guys like my cute little ant here. Give it some love will you?


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Wonderful entry for the contest!
I curated your post for CCC!
I will post a link in the recap post in the coming days!
Keep posting creative!

23.07.2019 17:36

Thank you so much

25.07.2019 14:21

Lovely little ant

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25.07.2019 14:20

Love the crystals and the idea of mining them

27.07.2019 16:04