ChallengeDac Dapp now known as ChallengeOS + Project Supported by Okex

Challengedac is now in mobile stores as ChallengeOS. It is a global Smart contract grind that allows users to set up and receive rewards that are stored in smart contracts. These rewards are being unlocked by the challenge receiver when a sender sends a Challenge for a receiver to carry out at a location. The Dapp operates with GPS function. The project has gained support of their token CHL from OKex, the world"s 8th largest exchange by trading volume with more than 1 billion dollars per day and website hits of over million a day! Okex is one of the world's most dominant exchanges!  

Okex is now allowing their users to deposit and withdraw the CHL tokens. CHL tokens also has a pegged token available on steem-engine market.
The ChallengeDac tokens has a circulating supply of 2.7 billion coins and a market supply of 2.7 billion coins. The current market cap of Challengedac is less than 150 Thousand dollars.

Having an exchange like Okex deciding to eventually open a CHL/ EOS trading pair is a huge impact on the CHL project! Challenge Dac may not have a huge market cap right now. But something that it does have, that a few other projects have had in general in crypto. Is it's a working product! with real users! Something that Challenges Dac also has is a considerable amount of daily users!  Seeing a large exchange support what now appears now to be a somewhat small cap token could be just part of a larger trend at play! A trend that can be summed up nicely by a quote below from  Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao.

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Where is it showing challenge OS? is it like challengeos ? smart like EOS name at teh end

lemme knoiw when it shwos up with that name tho man

hey great job tho!!!! i got so much to do with our group!

24.11.2019 02:19