@Challengedac Curation Party + 1000 CHLP Bounty


Word is being spread continuously on twitter and the Steem ecosystem about the @challengedac app now going to be changed to ChallengeOS. The Challenge App is an App that is used to send and receive challenges. You can challenge a friend to go to school, or go get a haircut in a set time and at a given location. The receiver of the challenge unlocks a crypto reward once the task is carried out. ChallengeOS is an EOS software App that uses a Geo-Specific and Time sensitive functions. The App has a local currency called CHL available on Newdex, Coingecko and Okex. It also has a pegged asset on Steem-engine called the CHLP. The CHL Team is based in San Diego, California and it is owned by @eoskent and @chaceeskam.
If you have not downloaded the ChallengeOS mobile DApp yet, then you are missing out really. Get free 20CHL on the dapp as you download.


I'm hosting a Contest on Steem which is sponsored by @challengedac. Upvotes from the 100,000SP account + 1000 CHLP to be given out to all participants. Read about Contest here:- https://goldvoice.club/steem/@citimillz/challengedac-dapp-tipping-and-curating-contest

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Awesome news!

30.11.2019 06:20

This is the App of the Century bro=)

30.11.2019 06:29

01.12.2019 10:03

Good news.

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30.11.2019 07:14

yea buddy! thanks for supporting @challengedac. the team holds it's early adopters dear to heart.

30.11.2019 07:50

We look forward to seeing great new features to make things much better. Thanks for sharing bro.

30.11.2019 21:42

More features to be uncovered bro

30.11.2019 23:58

The app needs a live list of users and a system of chat or messaging between users. Kent needs to work harder 🤪

30.11.2019 22:39

Smart idea!

30.11.2019 23:59

man he is working hard thats all coming n new versions!

This stuf takes a looong time to get done, you cant throw money at software development ts an art u have to wait fora guy to build a sculpture lolo until we have 3d printer for ideas and software tahstc oming

Now IMAGINE if u will a token for every business... a imagine stem engine @aggroed made a triobe for every conceivable subject (communities will basically be that lol)

01.12.2019 09:54