STEEM POWER UP - 1 JUNE + XTRA Challenges To Earn Even MORE

Hello Steemians!

Steem Power Up day is in only 4 days from now! This means that if you power up any amount of STEEM on the 1st of JUNE, you can win BIG prices and upvotes!

For all the prices and info check: by @kiwiscanfly

8500 STEEMPOWER & 100s of STEEM in prices!
Sponsored by: @xpilar, @hingsten, @bippe, @steemcurator01, @kiwi-crypto, @kiwiscanfly, @ciska

But that's not all!

If you make at least 1 post from now, that tells us you are going to participate in #spud4steem, you are going to earn even more! I, myself will upvote your posts now, and with our newly acquired @steemcurator02 account with a massive 500K sp in it. (from the 1st of June)

Simple rules:

  1. Make a post that you will participate in #spud4steem, any amount is ok!
  2. You can make a post each day and earn each day, the more you interact, the more you get noticed.
  3. Use #spud4steem in your posts and "ping" @steemingcurators


Follow @steemingcurators and get all the details on how you can earn by helping Steemit!

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Comments 9

Muchas gracias por la información los seguiré, y realizare los post

27.05.2020 11:18


27.05.2020 16:14

This is great news. Steemian should all participate 😀

27.05.2020 11:29

I feel absolutely the same! Just keep hustling!

27.05.2020 16:15

Nice thanks for pushing this :)

Love your work

27.05.2020 20:52

Thanks, love your work too!

28.05.2020 06:09

I always up my SP and buying Steem once in a while to increase it, for know i cant withdraw some Steem from binance, I think I have to wait a few days to be stable. But consider to me to do that and buying more to power up. @ciska and @steemcurator01 @steemingcurators Great job.

28.05.2020 01:57

Nice! Power up Steem equals investing in yourself, and awesome you do that! Keep it up!

28.05.2020 06:11

I´m just waiting and buy a little bit more Steem. Awesome right...!!

28.05.2020 23:44