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Business Activity || CONTEST - What are your plans to make a profit this year? Prize: 50 STEEM


Hello investor friends and promoters from all over the world in steemit, we want you to participate in this contest that basically is to share your plans or goals that you have proposed and what you will do in this 2022 betting that everything will come true. The prizes for this contest will be 50 STEEM. All members are invited to participate.

We hope that your projection information will come true.


What is the contest about?

Tell us how you plan to obtain those extra earnings, what do you use to carry out the plan? What kind of information do you require? If what you are looking for is to expand a business or develop a new product? If it is to save income or make investments ?

Example of images that can serve as inspiration for your publication of outlined goals:

|Image source|

|Image source|Image source|

Click to enlarge the image

Rules of participation

- Content written in a minimum of 300 words.
- To participate use the Tag: #profitplan2022 #fintech #contest #steemexclusive #businessactivity
- Add preference tag, like: club5050 club75 club100 where you are currently.
- Do not plagiarize.
- Own images and if you use images from another author, add the reference source.
- Set 10% to the businessactiviy beneficiary account.
- Share your post on any social network and add the screenshot in the comments section of your post.
- Invite three friends who are not in this community.
- To participate you must be a verified member.
- Reesteem this post.
- Add the participation link in this post.


Prizes - 50 Steem


1st place 🏆- 16 STEEM


2nd place🏅- 12 STEEM
3rd place🏅- 10 STEEM


4th place🏅- 7 STEEM
5th place🏅- 5 STEEM

Good luck to you all!


The contest ends with the expiration of this publication.


20% of the rewards of this publication go to @businessactiviy


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