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Business Activity || Analysis plan in publications for investors [BUSINESS #3]

Business blogs require a good presentation, mentioning the word good is perhaps still not enough, it is imperative that a publication be exceptional so that it stands out within steemit and is not similar to another.

Which leads to a request for content with outstanding aspects and that meets what a businessman, entrepreneur, promoter in the area of โ€‹โ€‹business, cryptos and related topics must show in quality of work. Because effectively a sample of content always attracts when it impacts what it has to highlight and highlight.

Each publication is valuable and the merit it has and deserves is not taken away, we only want to achieve greater excellence with demands in the work that is shared, so that the positioning is greater.

The contents to be shared in the business community require that members comply with certain requests, so that the blog corresponds to what is required for content in the business field, clarifying that the display of services, jobs, among others, should not a sample lightly, the investor member must take the time to do a desired job, must study what would interest the client and the general public to see if the topic attracts them according to the highlights within the blog.

As a community, we want to maintain community standards and therefore improve shared publications through the management of suggestions in improving the business blog.

On this occasion, a capable, unique and committed investor member will be mentioned, who we encourage through suggestions for improvements to his business blog, clarifying that his work is good as well as his services and that we only want to expand and improve the structure for the clients and steemians of the world in the business blog.

User with aspects to highlight in suggestions of interest:


Business name
Investor Name
Arsyila Tailor
Nanda Liana

To check the analysis plan for the improvement in publications through notable aspects, the points to be discussed can be corroborated: :Business Activity || Analysis plan in publications for investors

Publication in analysis

An investor in the clothing and design sector, being exemplary in its shared work of unique pieces and shows of tailor-made suits according to customer requests.

The mentioned publication will be in analysis for changes subject to its next publications, taking into account the suggestions for improvement from this publication. We learn from each situation for improvement, they are just points to take into account that will serve for a better breakdown in the preparation work that has so much potential. The intention is to use the information to apply it in future publications. Remember that are a valued member and you always want the best for shared work.


Points to discuss:

Titles and subtitles.

- Subtitles were found, points to highlight in the post, however many of these do not emphasize the exact sample of the product, service, or garment.


- The structure is fine in terms of separation between paragraphs, but it requires more information to highlight the shared garment for the interest of the client and a broad text for interests through the image itself in a garment to be promoted.


- The publication contains (.) and (,) among others, which help the information to please the reader.

- The information in the shared content, shows content with a lack of sample image, in the exposed narrative, which means that it does not have agreement with the writing, within a specific paragraph, which at first glance can be seen that it lacks the correct information for the interest of the reader, steemians or future clients.


- It lacks more information about the garments shared in images and this does not help that visually the client or steemians are interested.

- A minimum of 5 images is recommended for the content to be shared on the blog. In this way, interest increases in the eyes of those who appreciate the content.

Suggestion for images to share.

- The images should be horizontal, to be better appreciated on the blog. Note that the first image in the content is vertical, as is the second, and it does not allow visualize properly it to be seen with the current writing.

- Can implement the use of tables, so that it has a better appearance on the blog, if the images are vertical, only from the second image and those that follow in sequence.


Mostly normal horizontal images.

- Aspect ratio: (16:9) 1920x1080 resolution is recommended and this is horizontal.

Use of Markdown or HTML formatting.

- Contains the formatting style to highlight titles and subtitles and text justification; In the cases of subtitles in this post and in later ones, they must be properly in order to highlight what is shared.

Separators, correct uses and additions.

- Items to emphasize or highlight something you want to point out are correct.

Considerable points.

The publication can improve the information that is shared, increase extensive information, taking into account that it is essential that it contains more than three images for the sample of works, services, among others to highlight for the world's clients.

- Narration in punctual emphasis with the images that are shared, without leaving questions in the air, about what is expressed in the writing and is not visualized in the image.

- The current publication lacks more relevant information that will help customers appreciate the sample of work in preparation and design for orders.

In favor of the investor in the blog to be highlighted.

When the complete analysis of the publication is carried out for the improvement, there are also points to be highlighted by the investor, which we must take into account and appreciate in their work in development.

- The preamble to the narrative, of course, is a point to highlight and in favor of the investor, to start what will be the sample of work to be presented, and this investor has done it very well.

- Share the costs of the garments something that favors the blog, showing credibility and appreciation for interested customers.

- The ingenuity of the investor, to create from seeing a fabric, and transform it, adding details that are added to the pattern created to create the perfect garment.

This is the 42 publication of the investor, and we appreciate his performance and work. With this analysis in the current publication, it is only intended to improve every day, in future posts to meet the demand for quality content according to the demands. Therefore, we want to avoid that what is mentioned in this post is done in the next one, the idea is to improve so that the business blog is exclusive.

Suggestion to content and breakdown.

The purpose through the analysis in the publications is based on doing a better job in sharing, and that through the suggested content guides they are supported to apply it in the sample content for their services, advertisements and among others. Only the investor knows and knows the way of work that he carries out in his business. This information is to keep us under the stipulations within steemit and the community where the work of each business owner is shown. The guides are supportive and educating yourself as an investor or promoter in the area of finance, business, crypto and related topics will be your part in the learning process and belonging to the ecosystem.

Exclusive guide for the Textile-Clothing Sector:

- Motivated Plan For Your Business - Content Guide For Your Blog And Business Boost | Textile-Clothing Sector

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We are committed to each investor member to be their help and support in improvement, through each analysis and that these are taken into account with added value for each publication in steemit, since their objective is to comply with the guidelines and in this way share an excellent job, better than what has been shown so far to cover more clients and promote more businesses, in the demonstration of brilliant minds that help business improvement.


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