Sundayout: KOBAR, Coffee Together😁


A very nice place to enjoy your coffe time with everyone

Hellow Steemit Fellows😉

While I'm preparing lunch at the kitchen, Hubby told me that he's going out to meet friends at a coffee shop called "KOBAR", it's an abbreviation for "Kopi Bareng" or Coffee with or having coffee together and another meaning of Kobar is Flaming♨

I wasn't too excited to join him anyway, but after a few minutes, My Hubby asks me out with him too. Well.. since he was once stay out there till 3 am, last week, I think I should try to find out what's so great about that place beside the friends he met there😊.


one shot espresso for me and coffee beer for hubby

I know why he asked me to go with him anyway 😂😂 he needs my phone portable hotspot, coz he already run out of internet data quota😆. I tasted his coffee beer😉 and I know how it made😅 soo... I made an experiment with my one shot espresso😉.


I brought my own strawberry soda from home


so I pour it into my cup😉 then asked my hubby to taste it. It tastes just like his coffee beer with light strawberry flavour

Well.. that's me😊 I never just drink whatever the barista prepared for me, anywhere! I know my taste very well. But let's talk about this place, anyway.

The owner who also the Barista is not just a Barista. He is a businessman and an entrepreneur. He's not just running his own coffee shop but also make it as a franchise. Yeap.. He also provides some coffee carts for anyone who wants to sell coffee with standart quality.


the white building is his house

The Coffee Shop itself has been open for more than a year now, the location is at his home's front yard. He has his own roasting machine too.


the roasting machine

I don't think coffee is just his passion. His wife also helps him as Barista and waitress, just like me and my hubby when we're at our own coffee shop. The location of his coffee shop is not at the main street, feels like somewhere out of the town, nice and quiet. You can enjoy the coffee and chatting with friends without annoyance.


the menu book

What I love about this place is the price😊 it's really affordable! When you need to pay at least $1 for one shot of espresso anywhere else, you can have the delicious coffee for $0.5 here. What about the side dishes?

KOBAR called the costumers as KOBARIAN, the motto is Just Delicious Coffee. They provide bites and big bites. The price is affordable and worth it to enjoy with friends and family. If you ever been around Southeast Jakarta or Southeast Tangerang, you should try to visit this coffee shop. Here is the location : Jalan Sumatera No.51, Jombang, Ciputat, Tangerang Selatan, 15414.

The coffe shop opens from till midnight everyday except sunday (10 pm) but if the kobarians still there, he will keep it open till they left.

The friends we're waiting for hasn't come yet😊 so I will play my game after posting this crappy one😀

Have a Happy Sunday Everyone💖

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it looks like a lovely place cici, the chair's, table's and the environment looks so peaceful. But I think this place kind of fancy, it's an expensive place

19.01.2020 12:06

It looks fancy @mrnightmare.. I thought the same, but when checked on the menu and the price.. it's waaay cheaper than starbuck for a premium coffee beans😊 and 30% cheaper than the same fancy place I ever been.

19.01.2020 12:10

Cafes or bars that have a garden where the seating is on the grass is very rare. Of course if there are many customers there is no lawn anymore.
In the Spanish Pyrenees I was once in such a cafe, wonderful, very relaxing and not much going on.
Great !COFFEEA con leche.

19.01.2020 12:18

Well... I've been to some cafes which has big lawn here in my country, especially if the coffee shop owner also the landlord😊 the customers usually their close friends too.

20.01.2020 04:38

coffeea Lucky you @cicisaja here is your COFFEEA, view all your tokens at Vote for c0ff33a as Witness

19.01.2020 12:18

Thank you for the token 😉

20.01.2020 04:34

Ciputat ini jauh sekali dari Jakarta ya Sis. ahaha.

Cuma kadang kadang aku ke Ciputat juga sih.

Jangan lupa cek kontes kontes di


Bisa submit review di situ untuk vote yang lumayan. ehehe

19.01.2020 23:01

Terima kasih yaa infonya 😉 aku tuh jarang bikin review kecuali yg punya warungnya aku kenal, lokasi ini dekatnya ke Lebak Bulus aja.

20.01.2020 04:33
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20.01.2020 13:22

Thank you.. 😁 I couldn't find the right time to write on friday.. nevermind though😉 im not joining for the prize anyway

20.01.2020 16:19

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20.01.2020 13:23

Coffee beer? No way... well I may or may not add a little baileys irish cream in my coffee on the weekends... But your strawberry idea... I am liking that idea. Well done!!
Happy Food Flingin"

21.01.2020 03:17

Actually it's not "beer" at all.. because it use Soda without any sweetener (i have mine with sweet strawberry flavour), I have some silly idea about my coffee too @jlsplatts 😂 I add chillies, pepper, cinnamon, lemon and whatever herbs I like into my coffee with sweet Soda. Why? I can't drink "just coffee" always makes me can't sleep for 2 days

21.01.2020 04:57